What are the most commonly used materials for making shoes?

Shoes are an invention that have been with us for hundreds of years. These elements are in charge of providing us with comfort and protection when we walk. To a great extent, this is achieved thanks to the materials used for their manufacture.

Depending on the type of footwear to be produced, one or the other material will be used. There are many options, but today we want to show you the most used materials when making shoes. A list where we will find a variety of raw materials, both synthetic and natural, to make comfortable shoes.


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Leather may be one of the most used materials when making shoes, especially if you want to make a quality product. It stands out for being an effective, resistant, comfortable and long-lasting material, although it is also an expensive one. Within the leather, we can find different types, although all of them come from animal skin that must be treated correctly to get a quality product.

Within the leather product range, lhe most common are those of smooth leather that stand out for their softness and which is also covered with a lacquer to improve its aesthetic appearance. We can also find cloth leather, which has an even softer surface, with a chamois finish. This material is also ideal for shaping the soles of formal shoes.

Fabric materials

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Another of the most used materials are fabrics. These have the advantage that they have a large number of prints, allowing for original shoe designs. This material is often used in summer and spring shoes, a time when prints are the order of the day. As with leather, we can find different types of fabrics, depending on the use that manufacturers want to give it. To say that the shoes that use this material, are not as durable as the leather ones.


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Although we could put him in the previous group, we thought it would be useful to create a specific section for him. This is a material that has been used for a long time. It is widely used in summer and is usually used for the sports shoe design. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to wash, as well as offering a very nice appearance.

Synthetic materials

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Synthetic materials are more economical, which allows them to be used for mass production of shoes. Plastic is usually used in different versions (ethylene-vinyl acetate, liquid silicone, polyurethane foam, etc.) which are subjected to a series of processes to find the perfect finish. It is also a material widely used in sports shoes because they are very flexible materials. The designs with rubber and polymer materials look like leather and can provide waterproof protection.

Besides these materials for making shoes that we have presented to you, what others do you know that offer very good results? Come on in and share your comments with us, we are waiting for you!

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