Easy ways to decorate your bedroom closet

Many beautiful rooms harbor a not-so-cute little secret: a terrible-looking closet hidden behind closed doors. But eventually, usually in the morning when you’re already under pressure, those doors have to open.

Imagine yourself in front of a closet that looks as good as the rest of your room, instead of a dark, worn-out cave. It’s easier than you think: you can easily liven up your bedroom closet with one or all of the following tricks. Remember that even if you close the door, opening the door if you see a mess or a look you don’t like will affect you greatly when you look at it.

decorate the wardrobe

First things first

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You knew it was coming … if opening your closet means unleashing an avalanche of clothes, shoes and tennis rackets, your first step is to get it under control. You’ll have to empty your closet anyway before you redecorate, so take the opportunity to get rid of the clothes you no longer wear and the shoes that hurt or are broken. Then give the space a good suction and clean it thoroughly.

So before you take the next steps, you need to be clear that your wardrobe will need to be well ordered every day. This is the first step to make the rest of the tricks we are going to mention below work properly.

Paint it

You’ll be surprised how good your wardrobe looks with a dose of color. Plus, it’s a super easy DIY that only takes a couple of hours. Although dark paint colors are a good option in small or dim rooms, it’s best to keep glosses, mid-tones or pastel shades in the closet.

Choose a tone that has already been used in another part of your room, or set off some sparks with a bright tone that complements, but doesn’t match, the rest of the room.

… Or try wallpaper

If you want a pattern along with your color, have fun with the wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper is much easier to hang and remove than the choices of the past. Choose a pattern with a strong, colourful design – small or low-contrast prints won’t stay in a cupboard. Have fun with a geometric design, a great floral, animal or botanical print.

Let there be light

Every wardrobe deserves a light source, and you’ll appreciate that even more when you try to tell the difference between navy blue or black pants. If you are lucky enough to have a large wardrobe or no dressing room, you can get a little sophisticated: try a semi-recessed accessory, a small chandelier or a row of spotlights. In a small closet, or if you’re a tenant, try simple lights or a recessed fixture with a glass bowl.

decorate the wardrobe

Matching hangers

If you’re looking for the easiest way to liven up your wardrobe, invest in a complete set of matching hangers. Choose coloured plastic, wood or select flocked hangers that hold on to the silkiest clothesYou’ll find that a wardrobe will look better immediately when the hangers:

  • They’re not store hangers when you buy clothes and get them as gifts
  • They all match and are thick enough to make a presence and avoid wrinkles in your clothes

Do you like carpets?

Why not add a small rug or runner to your closet floor? It’s one more way to add color and design, and it’s an opportunity to take a little risk in decoration: try an animal print, an exotic Indian design or a super-bright geometry. However, stick with a flat fabric: it’s easier to vacuum and it won’t become dusty and flattened like lint would.

Open doors

With so many ways to fix your closet doors, why settle for simple, white, boring? Here are some options:

  • Paint the doors to contrast with your walls.
  • Cover the doors with wallpaper, fabric or scrapbooking paper.
  • Use washi tape to create stripes or geometric designs on doors.
  • Hang a mirror with a decorative frame on the door.
  • Use templates to draw a mural.
  • Decorate the doors with decorative vinyl.

decorate the wardrobe

Put up curtains!

If you have sliding cabinet doors, Another option is to remove the door panels completely and hang beautiful curtains in their place. You’ll need to measure carefully: hang the curtain rod inside the cabinet, just above the top of the door frame, and make sure the curtains are long enough to reach the floor. Choose an eye-catching pattern that will make your wardrobe a style statement, and you’ll have a smile on your face every time you slide the fabric aside to reach the clothes…

From now on you’ll love opening your closet!

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