What are the 7 best accents for your bedroom

Accents are used in decoration and interior design to create a characteristic style. Think in terms of fashion and how a top matches pants. Now, add jewelry and accessories, creating the “accents” to the outfit.

In the rooms, Accents can include bedding, window treatments, cushions and artwork that adds color, texture and design. You can also accent with paint, wallpaper, lighting and plants to add color contrast and personality. Think about how you’d like your bedroom to have more personality, and get started!

accents in the bedroom

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Decorative walls

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Painting or wallpapering just one wall in a room creates a decorative wall. In bedrooms, decorative walls work best at the head of the bed (behind the headboard). With an accent wall, you can make an effective and dramatic color statement, create the illusion of a larger room, or add interesting texture and patterns to the room.

While paint is the most common finish for a decorative wall, You can also use striped wallpaper, as well as wood, metal, decorative paint, wall stickers and a wall mural.


Lamps or light fittings are functional pieces but they are also decorative. Your nightlight is important not only for the light it gives you when you need it but also because it adds personality to your room. Pendant lighting, recessed lighting fixtures… there are many ways to add light and personality to your bedroom. If your room is small, natural light becomes even more important.


The blankets are elegant and very useful in any bedroom. This handy accent piece can be used to cover the shoulders while reading in bed or provide an extra layer of warmth over the feet, all while adding a touch of color, texture and pattern to the foot of the bed. The blankets come in many different materials and designs, from small quilts to Afghan fabrics. Choose one that complements your bed and sheets. For example, neutral linen sheets combine well with a thick, tonal stitch.

accents in the bedroom

The cushions

The cushions can be very decorative and also help you to have more comfort in your space. They are used to create patterns of colour, texture and comfort in your bedroom. Plus, it’s one of the most economical ways to renovate your bedroom for better décor for less money. With new bedding and some colorful matching cushions, you’ll create decorative changes in your bedroom that you’ll love.

Additional furniture

We all know that bedrooms have some essential furniture: the bed, the bedside tables or the wardrobe. But, the reality is that you can add small furniture like a bench at the foot of the bed, a nice chair or an armchair… which are also classified as accent furniture that will bring great personality to your stay.

accents in the bedroom

It is not a question of adding too much furniture, as this would overload the room and make it unattractive, but thinking of one or two pieces of furniture added can make your bedroom stronger and an elegance along with a great practice that you’ll love.


Carpets are also an accent that cannot be missing in a bedroom if you want to achieve good results in decoration. Carpets can be of various sizes and can be adjusted to any room as long as you choose the color, size and texture that fits well.

Besides being practical and decorative they can protect both your bedroom floor and your feet in the winter months. There are plenty of models to choose from to suit you, your bedroom, your personality and your needs. Measure the part you would like to put it on, think about its shape, colour and texture and you’re sure to find the one that suits you best.


Illustrations or paintings are a distinctive touch in any bedroom. You can choose illustrations or paintings with neutral motifs but that say a lot about you or more personal images such as photographs of your private life. You choose how you want to illustrate your bedroom but what is clear is that an accent cannot be missing if you really want to add personality to your comfort zone.

These are some of the accents you can consider to make your bedroom look much more personalized, functional and practical at the same time. You don’t want to add everything at once because you could create too much of a decorative burden and it wouldn’t look good. Think of the accents that suit you and your lifestyle best, point out those that would really make a difference in your bedroom. Once you’re clear on that, you will only have to get to work to achieve good decorative effects in your room.

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