How to keep your pool terrace neat

When you have a pool, it is normal that there are always floats and towels on the terrace. In summer, with the heat, the whole family wants to have a great time, although after ordering that room is another story, right? Well that disorder has come to an end because from now on you will have a pool full of order and fun in equal measure.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home to relax, then you will know that when the afternoon falls and the sun begins to go down, you may be a little stressed by the state of your terrace. Accessories, towels, floats ..,. everything is in the middle. There is a lot to save and for your good mental health and to avoid chaos outside your home, You should keep it clean and tidy all the time.

order on a terrace with a pool

Whether you’re storing clean towels, bathing suits, sun creams, toys, floats, or other pool gear, everything has its place, and there are lots of creative ways to organize it all. Do not miss these tips so that from now on the chaos does not fit in your terrace.

Wooden platforms (waterproof)

Wood decking may look industrial, but it makes for a fun organizational use. They can be a great way to store pool churros. Do you want to expand your capabilities? Add some hooks and all of a sudden it will be too A great tool for hanging towels, wetsuits, and goggles.

Depending on the condition of the trowel, you may need to sand or paint it (but this is fun, because you can choose colors to match the pool area décor). Lateryou just need to find a place near the pool and use it to store everything in between. Place a bowl or basket on top as a complement to smaller toys.

Hang the leaf picker

All good pools come with a leaf collector, that long-pole netted tool used to remove leaves and other debris from the water. Establish a place for that tool to rest and hang wet swim gear at the same time by hanging large hooks on the nearest wall.

order on a terrace with a pool

You have to make sure that the hooks are larger than the width of the handle of the stick with net so that it is well hung, to the ideal measure. You can also hang goggles, your safety gear, and more small pool toys from those hooks.

A fence in the pool

A fence in the pool is essential to bring the pool closer. You have to use it to prevent children from accessing this area and that they may be in danger. But in addition, it can meet a double function as a holder to hang towels and to dry. You can add hooks to the fence and add baskets to hang toys that children use in the water or to store swimsuits and dry towels and have everything close at hand.

Decorative stairs

Stairs are ideal and necessary for any type of home. The decorative or old stairs can also be a good towel rack to adapt it to your terrace and that you can add hooks and the same as can be done with the fence, do the same with the ladder.

Whether you’re using it to hang clean towels for later use or putting up some small toy hooks for the pool, it’s easy to make and will make a great organizing asset. You just have to support it in a sunny place that fits well with the aesthetics of the terrace.

order on a terrace with a pool

Do not miss the coat racks

Inside, coat racks are the perfect place to store coats, hats, umbrellas, and more. Outdoors, a sturdy and durable coat rack (or a similar structure, such as a flagpole) can serve the same purpose. Use its multiple arms and hooks to store towels, swimsuits, toys, and more when you’re not wearing them.

You can make coat racks even more useful by adding mesh bags sturdy enough to hold weights. You can store in them toys, flip flops, pool noodles … whatever you consider appropriate! If the mesh gets full of dirt, you just have to give it a hose to get rid of the dirt.

A large laundry basket

Using a large laundry basket is a great success, especially to store towels or anything else that you have in between and that you want to have on hand but not messy. So, You can also use this tool on the terrace of your pool.

As you can see, they are simple ideas but they will allow you to have a well-ordered pool terrace all the time. You can choose one of the ways, two of them, or all of them. Rather, think of the ones that best fit your lifestyle and your terrace. Sure you get it right!


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