6 keys that will help you choose the best air conditioning

The arrival of good weather brings with it an increase in temperatures. This makes it necessary to refresh the home, and for this, the use of air conditioning becomes our great ally. The problem can be found when choosing the one that best suits our needs. For this reason, today we want to tell you about 6 keys that have been published by Brico Depot when purchasing an air conditioning.

Type of systems

First of all, we must differentiate the most common types of air conditioners: the Split 1 × 1 and the multisplit.

Split 1 × 1

It is the most widely used system today. It consists of a team made up of two units: an interior unit that is in charge of cooling, and an exterior unit that is placed outside the building. Their installation is simple and they are available in different powers.


It is a similar system to the previous one, but made up of two or more indoor units connected to the outside. Its advantage is that it allows cooling larger rooms. They are ideal in homes where you want to cool different rooms at the same time.

Factors to consider when choosing air conditioning

Let’s see below some factors to take into account to make the right choice.

The power of the system

It is key to take into account the power, that is, the ability of the appliance to effectively cool the space in which it is installed. Power is measured in frigories, so the more frigories, the greater the cooling capacity. To calculate the ideal power of the air conditioning, it is recommended to multiply the cubic meters of the room by 40 (the cubic meters are obtained by multiplying the square meters of the room by its height, so that a room of 20 m2 and 2.5 meters high is 50 m3). If you live in an especially hot area, it is recommended that you multiply by 60.

Energy consumption

It is important to choose an air conditioning system that is efficient and ensures the lowest energy consumption, even if it is operating several hours a day. By consuming less energy, it will be possible to reduce the amount of the electricity bill and, at the same time, it will be contributing to the care of the environment. To know the consumption of the system, the reference can be the energy efficiency label that all the equipment has. The appliances that consume the least are those classified as A and higher —A +, A ++ and A +++ -, while those that consume the most are classified with the letter D. The difference between them is marked by the percentage of their energy efficiency index.

Another fact to take into account is that the equipment with Inverter technology, which currently most Split systems have, also helps to save a large amount of energy. This technology, instead of frequently starting and stopping the compressor, rotates continuously, decreasing and increasing speed and helping to keep the room temperature constant. In this way, unnecessary consumption is avoided and the useful life of the compressor is prolonged.

The filtration system

It is highly recommended to choose air conditioning systems with filters that improve air quality. The most recent models incorporate advanced filters capable of cleaning and purifying the air. Depending on the choice, the filters can become antibacterial, eliminate bad odors, reduce allergies and asthma, and create a pleasant environment. Brico Depôt reminds that for this, it is necessary to carry out proper maintenance of the filters, which will extend their useful life and optimize their performance.

Sound pressure level

It is necessary to pay attention to the sound pressure level, especially when the system is to be installed in the bedroom, to avoid affecting the rest. The sound pressure level is indicated on the system label and the general recommendation is not to exceed 24 decibels.

Heat pump systems

It is interesting to have a system that also incorporates a heat pump to heat the air in winter. In this way, in addition to multiplying the functionality (2 in 1), additional savings will be achieved if previously there was no heating system.

Programmable equipment with WI-FI and I-Feel

For greater comfort, there are programmable air conditioners through WI-FI that allow programming during specific hours —especially useful while sleeping—, or monitor multiple functions directly from the mobile such as on and off. Likewise, some also allow the temperature to be programmed remotely from anywhere, thus controlling energy consumption and allowing the environment to be cool once the home is reached.

On the other hand, some air conditioners have the I-Feel function, that is, they have a control with a sensor that regulates the temperature based on the area in which the user is.


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