Alicante blinds, the best option

The Alicante blinds they are a classic that never goes out of style. A practical element normally used to cover doors and windows outdoors.

For its aesthetics and functionality. the Alicante blind are the perfect ally to protect our home from heat or cold, as well as from rain, wind or dust. A great insulation solution to regulate the entry of light from the outside and protect the interior of our homes.

Its essential use is to protect your home from the intensity of the sun and heat; especially in summer, the months where the sunlight is strongest. At certain times of the day, the heat can be very intense. The protection of the Alicante blind it helps to make the temperature inside the house much more pleasant. On the other hand, it also allows the passage of air to cool the interior, helping to reduce the sensation of heat.

The Alicante blinds They are a typical element of the Mediterranean. Always essential in doors and windows of houses and premises, they are a recurring image of towns and cities. Thanks to becoming a kind of iconic symbol, nowadays more and more interior design experts and professionals choose Alicante blinds to give a unique style to homes, restaurants or shops. Have become a unique element of decoration that brings originality to any space.

The Alicante blinds made of wood in green are the classic par excellence which is still maintained today. But, Alicante are also manufactured in materials such as PVC plastic, much lighter and more functional. Available in a wide variety of colors, they adapt to different environments.

The versatility they offer means that we can also use them indoors to divide different environments. A unique idea if we have communicated spaces and we intend to separate them visually. Using Alicante blinds we can create different rooms by raising or lowering the blinds. It is a great decorative, practical and economical solution.

What are the advantages of Alicante blinds

Although we have already noted some of them, these are the main advantages of installing Alicante blinds in your home or premises:

  • Insulation from sunlight: Alicante are especially suitable for places with high temperatures in the warmest seasons of the year.
  • Exterior light control that enters through the door or windows of the house.
  • The Alicante blind protects the surface of doors and windows in the face of inclement weather, lengthening its life.
  • They allow air to circulate inside.
  • They are a way of preserving the intimacy of the home from external gazes.
  • The Alicante are made with lightweight materials and easy maintenance.
  • Constitute an original decorative motif for the exterior of the house.

Types of blinds

Next, we describe the most common types that we can find.

There are different types of blinds on the market: Venetian, roller, mat … But, Alicante blinds are the most demanded model and the one that lasts throughout the years. Also known as “chain shutters” because of the way they are manufactured, they use chains to mount the shutter frame with galvanized wire fixings.

The solidity of their design and materials make them perfect to withstand outdoor weather changes throughout the year. Its use allows to regulate the entry of light in doors and windows and protects from the entry of insects. In addition, at you can choose between Alicante blind made of wood or PVC.

Wooden Alicante

Alicante varnished wood blinds are made of high quality pine wood. They are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation.

Regarding its design, offer a wide range of colors: dark or light walnut, cherry, dark or light brown, the traditional green … Its top quality materials ensure great resistance to climate variations. Installation is very simple. The Alicante blinds They are designed for immediate installation, without requiring prior assembly. In roller we also have a large number of accessories such as pulleys and retention brakes, handles, corner pieces or blind sections, in case of replacement.

PVC Alicante

Alicante PVC blinds also have a wide range of colors and sizes for doors and windows. It is a strong and lightweight material, designed for both the exterior and interior. Immediate installation without the need for any type of work.

How to measure Alicante blinds

In models from Alicante offer different measures to adapt to your needs. They are between 30 and 199 cm wide. And high, between 40 and 400 cm. When taking width measurements, it is important to leave a few extra centimeters on the sides so that the blind does not get stuck in the door or window frame. Similarly, a few centimeters should be deducted along the length so that the blind does not touch the ground. The Alicante blind must fall vertically without excess part that could cause the slats to wear out or cause accidents.

How to hang Alicante blinds

Although the Alicante ones are light, it is necessary to have two well-anchored fixing points to hang them with guarantees of subjection. Therefore, you will need two or three thick hooks with the appropriate length that offer a firm sturdiness. Placing them equidistant with two others at the ends, better distributes the weight of the Alicante blind. One more in the center reinforces the grip, ideal for days when the wind blows.

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