Two-room apartment in an eclectic style

How to use the eclectic style to design your two-room apartment. What materials to choose for decor and furniture. How to match colors. Ideas and projects to be inspired by.


L’eclecticism it is a wonderful movement that embodies all the positive aspects and advantages of other styles of furniture. Indeed, this fashion it is a mixture of decorative elements, colors, settings of any type of furniture. It takes a little of the industrial style, a pinch of Scandinavian style and why not, maybe even a little bohemian touch. In the end, the result will be a place that will release all the original and nice personality of those who choose it for their home.

And therefore, all that remains is immerse ourselves in this unique and fascinating environment and start designing our beautiful eclectic one bedroom apartment.

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Eclectic style kitchen

We begin to design one of the most important rooms of the two-room apartment: the kitchen. Just as in the preparation of the dishes, also in the furnishing it takes a pinch of creativity, to obtain a fresh and well-balanced design. In fact, even if made up of heterogeneous elements, the eclectic style always maintains a perfectly balanced final look, thanks also to the precision and care in the choice of furniture pieces.

Therefore, we design the kitchen starting from the choice of colors. Since we are in a lively and dynamic environment, where people are always on the move, the furniture must also reflect this mood. So, let’s paint the walls of a handsome kitchen yellow brilliant.

There Wall equipped, with the sideboards and the various shelves, on the other hand, it will be in painted wood of White. Instead, as far as the flooring is concerned, we apply a wooden parquet resistant and dark in color. For example, a wenge or a cherry will fit perfectly in this extravagant kitchen. Then, we buy a Persian carpet short-haired, directly from the exotic style, which will add a sophisticated touch to the atmosphere.

AND in the end, let’s add another flaming color: let’s buy a red refrigerator, with the glossy patina and with the handles in sparkling steel. It will be a very nice addition to a colorful and sparkling kitchen.

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Kitchen with living room

But if we find ourselves in a kitchen overlooking a living room? In this case, we have the advantage of designing two environments in one for a single, grandiose result. So, we mix industrial style with coastal fashion. For example, in the kitchen, we leave the exposed brick, painting them a bright color, such as turquoise blue. The effect created by the brick, a rustic and rough element, combined with the color of the clear sky, reminiscent of the coastal style, will be cheerful and perky.

Then, in the center of the kitchen, instead of the table, we opt for an island with a wooden shelf and the stools around. Thus, we will have a work area that is also useful for organizing informal and fun dinners. To illuminate the environment there will be some suspension lamps, with the black and shiny lampshade.

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Next, let’s focus on relaxing in the living room: to signal the presence of the entrance to the living room, let’s start two tall trees, florid and fragrant. Then, there will be three woven wicker chairs to welcome our friends. At the core, we introduce the industrial style again, with a wrought iron coffee table.

This unique environment, thus, will be linked by a common thread that joins the industrial style with the coastal, for a sparkling eclectic area.


Eclectic style bedroom

The bedroom of the two-room apartment will be harmonious and welcoming thanks to the eclectic style. In addition, we will never tire of living it and looking at it, thanks to the attractive and enchanting look that is obtained thanks to this fashion.

Eg, we paint a turquoise blue wall, taking up what we did in the kitchen. The floor will also be the same as in the kitchen, with the parquet mounted on the ground. Then, let’s start with exotic and oriental looking furniture. For example, instead of the usual hanging mirror, we buy one mirror with wooden frame, with oriental shapes.

And we’re not going to hang it on the wall, we just hang it we will lean against the wall. Also the chandelier Sara in ethnic style, covered with a golden coating and with geometric patterns rich in details.

Then, we hang to the ceiling a hanging chair, in rattan, enriched with a fabric cushion, which will recall the patio of the coastal style house.

Finally, the bed will be embraced by a light wood canopy, with thick branches that will draw the perimeter, making us immerse in enchanted forests. The echo of nature will also be picked up by the rug at the foot of the bed, short-haired, with drawings of trees and plants.


Eclectic style bathroom

In the end, let’s not forget another room in the house that must be in line with the rest of the furniture: the bathroom! Here too, in fact, we can let our creativity fly, taking a cue from the styles we like best.

For example, let’s place in the center of the bathroom a ceramic tub, which will become the undisputed protagonist of this environment. Then, over the mobile of the bathroom blue in wood and iron, there will be one mirror circular, sumptuous and grand, to reflect all the magnificence of this environment.

And why not, let’s add some unusual details: for example, let’s edit two bookshelves and knick-knacks next to the toilet. Or, we hang on the wall pictures pop art, to mix, again, the cards on the table.


Furniture and decorations

After having jotted down a first draft of the eclectic two-room apartment, we will focus on the furniture most important that characterize this eccentric style.

For example, in the bedroom, instead of the classic rectangular bookcase, let’s do it build a bespoke bookcase, which will adapt to the heights of the two-room apartment, and let’s paint it a bright blue.

Then, next to the bed, instead of the usual fresh flowers, we put some whimsical bird feathers in a vase on the bedside table, as a decorative element, which will give more airiness to the room.


In the living room, after adding a old-fashioned sideboard, we hang a pendulum clock, with its characteristic cuckoo that marks the time. In front of the sofa, then, we arrange a pouf, comfortable and informal, which will bring back to modernity. Finally, in the center of the living room, we place a round coffee table, with a retro taste of the 60s, with a polished wooden top and large and spacious feet.


Two-room apartment in an eclectic style: images and photos

Now, with these indications, you are very ready to furnish your two-room apartment with the eccentric and magnetic eclectic style. But if you still want some ideas, take a cue from the image gallery: there are many new projects to be inspired by!


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