How to use false walls

False walls are a smart and functional solution to hide access to other rooms in the house with style and taste.

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Many people resort to false walls to better organize the rooms of a home or office And optimize spaces in the best way. They can be made of different materials, colors and styles, depending on the main furniture of the structure within which they will be mounted.

The choice of false walls is a decorative strategy that not everyone knows, but if you turn to professionals you can do a good job that enhances your home or office taking into account the practical and aesthetic needs. Even for small spaces it is possible to resort to false walls, and in any case whoever wants to can also have them built a front door that is not visible and blends in with the environment.

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However the false walls they are not only used to divide spaces, but also for create links between rooms for space requirements. They help create more intimacy within an environment, whether they are bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.


How to use the false walls: The panels on the wall

There are various methods for erecting false walls and one of the most used is mount panels on the wall. These present themselves as gods dividing coverings made of different materials which are applied to the total surface of the wall. In particular, these panels are ideal if you want to hide and make doors less visible. A tip to make an elegant and homogeneous job is to choose for these panels the same material as the doors.

Of such panels you can choose the material, color and texture according to the style of your home or office. There are panels in wood, imitation brick, concrete and other solutions, but everyone is free to evaluate the best idea according to their needs.


How to use false wallpaper walls

In the last few years the wallpaper has gone out of fashion a bit, but recently was re-evaluated as a decorative strategy. False walls can also be created with the use of this material, however cover the walls of a room, including any ports that connect different rooms. The fantasy of the wallpaper it is of many types, from floral themes to geometric or abstract illustrations and designs, so they certainly help to camouflage doors and wall imperfections.

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The advantage of the wallpaper is that you can choose new and original designs to be applied on the walls of the house, once you have chosen who to entrust the work to. So it’s one solution surely useful also for the aesthetics of the environment. If you have a modern, baroque, ethnic or more classic home or office, there are many possibilities of false walls suitable for any style of furniture. Just have the patience to evaluate the various proposals and select the right one for you.


How to use false walls: innovative solutions

As less traditional methods for erect false walls we can recommend two more original ideas: incorporating a door into the bookcase, invisible to the naked eye; make false walls how sliding doors. In the first case it is planned to build a door in line with the aesthetic style of the bookcase that you have in the chosen room, disguising the scenario and using this door also to store objects, books or other.

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In the second case, thinking of the false walls as sliding doors, the openings will be almost imperceptible if the work is well done, and obviously you will have to choose a material and a color suitable for the environment. Made this kind of right false walls will contribute to the visual unity of the room and they will also be easy to open and close whenever needed.

We must not forget that the false walls are created precisely to save space and connect spaces that the original structure conceived as an open space. More privacy when there are guests, or for offices where staff need to have their privacy to concentrate and do their job at their best. With false walls in an office or professional studio, for example, if a meeting is taking place in a room and some do not have to attend, they can have their privacy and continue to do their work without being disturbed by colleagues engaged in the meeting.

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How to use false walls: Photos and Images

Browse the gallery below to find out how to make false walls of any style, material, color, at home or in the office.


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