How to furnish a house of 60 square meters: projects and ideas

How to furnish a house of 60 square meters? Let’s see together ideas and projects to customize our home in an effective and stylish way. Furnishing solutions for small-sized homes, projects and photos of already furnished apartments to draw inspiration from.

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The 60 sqm house can be a winning solution or a drama! To furnish it at best we need to identify some strategies from which to start to customize the home in the right way, according to the style and, above all, according to the needs of the inhabitants of the house itself. There are strengths and weaknesses of an environment of this size, which sometimes derive from a well-considered choice or simply from a housing need. Let’s see together projects and ideas to furnish a house of 60 square meters in great style.

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The advantages of a 60 sqm house

When we approach a house to furnish, the first reasoning to do is to organize the square meters available indoors. This involves dividing the space and creating separating walls between them. But when we are dealing with a house of 60 square meters, this is not necessarily the only correct solution. On the contrary, the ideal is to learn how to make these environments coexist that can communicate with each other in a two-way and harmonious way.

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In this way we ensure that the perception of space is wide and airy; while when we close the rooms, which will inevitably result in many small rooms, a clear separation is created with a circling and unwelcoming effect.

A other advantage, inevitable to point out, is the economy of a small space: less time to tidy up and clean; less effort to buy and mount mobile to be added from time to time.

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The disadvantages of a 60 sqm house

The point of weakness of this type of home it is certainly the scarcity of the useful surface. Above all then, if we are not practical, the risk of organizing the floor plan badly, wasting useful space, is a reality that grips us. We can opt for various tricks to prevent the house from becoming a sort of cage, where we have no chance to live it in harmony.

Another negative of a square footage as small as this is, no doubt, linked to the difficulty of organizing the furnishings not to miss anything.

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The rooms of the house of 60 square meters

The organization of a small house, as we said before, it is the basis of every other choice or activities we can do. We have to ask ourselves what are the environments we need and how we can put them in communication with each other: not only the living area or sleeping area, but also services and corridors are elements that can unite and not necessarily act as a filter between the two areas of the house.

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In a house of 60 square meters there can be:

  • bedroom
  • open space kitchen living room
  • bath
  • entrance
  • study.

In any environment Sara it is necessary to identify the minimum useful spaces we need to carry out our daily activities.

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This room of the house needs no introduction since it is the place where we want to relax and be at ease. In the presence of a small square footage, however, we can opt for an environment that is not totally closed, but divided at most by a main wall, giving continuity to the environment.

We can imagine, so, an open space with the study corner or the living room. A progression of environments that stand out thanks to the insertion of dividers with structure and light materials that help us to recreate a niche or an equipped wall in an intelligent way.

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Open plan living kitchen

A great classic of small-sized houses it is the open plan kitchen / living room. Two environments that match very well for the very functions that characterize them. A small but comfortable and efficient kitchen is what we need to make the livability pleasant.

At the same time, we do not neglect the quality of the living, which presents itself as an environment of relaxation and conviviality. This solution for a 60 sqm house is ideal and also allows a greater perception of the interior space, thanks to the dialogue between the two adjacent rooms.

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One of the most important rooms in the house, the bathroom, often in small houses, is sacrificed in favor of other environments. Is a mistake! The bathroom is not just a place of serviceindeed, we need to reconcile ourselves intimately in a comfortable environment, which is furnished with every piece of furniture necessary for the care of our body. At the same time, however, we have to deal with the available square footage.

The advice is to opt for a comfortable shower cabinrather than a tub that has a larger footprint. Today on the market there are many smart solutions for the shower, both traditional and multifunctional, which allow us to transform the bathroom into a small wellness center.



The entrance space of the house it needs dedicated attention, because constitutes our welcome and, in a certain sense, it is our business card. Even in a 60sqm house it is possible to highlight the entrance with a few simple precautions.

The advise and of use color or a different material to delineate spaces and guide your gaze once you cross the threshold of the house. For the wardrobe the advise is carve out a niche with distinctive colors that create continuity with the rest of the adjacent rooms.

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Finally, for our 60 sqm house we must not underestimate the importance of creating a corner dedicated to study. The increasing diffusion of the home office means that the needs of many are changing. Therefore, we need to have a proper size for the home office.

Nothing fancy, especially for a small apartment we will need:

  • a bright bookcase or a partition wall used as a bookcase
  • a desk or a multipurpose table
  • a comfortable chair to work
  • good lighting.

These represent the main aspects to look for to design this point of the house.

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60 sqm house, projects and ideas: photos and images

A small house needs a strategic design that involves the study of light, the use of color in precise points and the choice of distinctive materials. The furniture is primarily influenced by the style we prefer but, of course, the main attention to spatial distribution must be dedicated. We have seen some examples and useful ideas, now let us be inspired by the gallery with some projects already made.


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