10 things that cannot be missing

Modern kitchen: things you can’t do without when furnished. What you need and how to design a fantastic avant-garde service area with fresh and innovative materials.


What does it mean to furnish a kitchen with a modern style? It is not just a choice of furniture and materials, but also of colors, decorative elements, technological solutions that wink at innovation. In other words, the modern kitchen is full of fresh furnishings and ideas that you will never tire of.

However, to obtain a perfect modern and avant-garde kitchen there are some elements that just cannot be missing. On the contrary! It will be thanks to them that you will get an environment with attention to detail and impeccable, both aesthetically and practically.


1. Innovative space-saving solutions

The modern kitchen does not end only with a refined style, but is enriched with efficient solutions that improve its functionality.

For example, design one wall equipped with extractable or rotating furniture, with countless compartments for utensils, glasses or plates. More, hang a toolbar, that will make your life externally easy with dishcloths, colander or colander always in plain sight and ready to use.

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2. Smart speaker

Let’s face it: it smart speaker in the kitchen it’s not only very useful but also extremely cool to have! This newfound technology, available from multiple brands such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Bose, is a great helper: you can use the timer, search for recipes on the Internet or have you read a book while waiting for lunch.

The smart speaker is a perfect device for a revolutionary kitchen.


3. Island in the modern kitchen

The island it is the emblem of conviviality: in a modern kitchen it is the right place to have a quick meal or to have a snack with friends before making them sit at the table. Although traditionally associated with old colonial houses, with large kitchens, nowadays has become a feature of modern kitchens.


4. Spacious work surface

A spacious kitchen is a practical kitchen. And even if you have a small utility area, your countertop still needs to be large. Precisely because practicality is one of the most important aspects of modern environments, combined with a minimal character, design a comfortable and spacious work surface, where you will give free rein to your culinary creativity.

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5. Lighting

We ban gloomy, dark and gloomy environments. The modern kitchen needs adequate lighting, with equally advanced technological solutions.

Eg, design multiple light sources: one suspension lamp above the island, to illuminate it in the evening; of the spotlights positioned on the work surface, to help your eyes during the preparation of the dishes; from the LED bars to be placed between the shelves, to radiate light even from the walls.


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6. Soft colors

The soft colors are among the aspects that characterize the modern style for excellence. With some exceptions, for example for flaming red appliances or a fluorescent yellow fridge, usually modern kitchens have a neutral palette, with beige, dove gray, And White. Therefore, your decor will have to be coordinated with these shades, playing with bright and elegant combinations.


7. Plants

Modern, technological, revolutionary do not necessarily mean aseptic and artificial. On the contrary! Also in the modern kitchen it is necessary to insert a natural element, as ad for example a plant with large leaves or a shrub in the corner, with a glass vase.


8. Precious materials

In a kitchen like this innovative, we cannot settle for dull or poor quality materials. In reverse: we must focus on valuable choices and luxurious, which can give back the idea of ​​a rich and meticulously cared for environment.

Eg, among the best materials and more resistant, we can mention the marble, the stone, the wood and the concrete.


9. Black details or elements for a modern kitchen

Black looks good on everything, and especially on fresh and avant-garde cuisine such as modern cuisine. Usually, the color palette is muted and neutral, but it is an unwritten law insert black elements: they will make it more sophisticated, especially if well balanced with the rest of the furniture.

Eg, buy the black appliances and shelves: in a fully wooden kitchen they will look very chic.


10. Exposed shelves

The exposed shelves give immediately the idea of ​​an informal kitchen, thus avoiding the risk of making your modern kitchen seem too rigid and austere.

So, the shelves at sight they convey a sense of dynamism, of a living and full of vitality environment. In any case, to preserve the order of the kitchen, organize the various elements in a specific way. For example, all the spices, salt and sugar will go on one shelf. Then, on another shelf only the soup plates and dinner plates, on another the serving plates and utensils and so on.


Modern kitchen: 10 things I can’t miss: images and photos

Now, you should have everything you need for your phenomenal modern kitchen. But if you still have some doubts or think you might still be missing something, browse the image gallery: you will find all the inspiration you need!


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