Furnishing a veranda in the Scandinavian style: examples

Scandinavian-style veranda: the best ideas to copy. What materials to choose. How to match colors. And which furniture to take inspiration from.


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In a moment of frenzy, particular stress or simply unhappiness, finding refuge in nature means refreshing your soul. Surrounding ourselves with fronds, fragrant plants, the spectacular view that stands out in front of us is the best way to find the strength to face life, with the calm of our times.

For this reason, decorate the veranda in a Scandinavian style it’s a chance to find some peace of mind. In fact, this particular type of furniture has all the characteristics to let us immerse ourselves in nature. But let’s go see some fascinating examples of this style so pure and peaceful.

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Scandinavian style veranda with dining table

Usually, the porch it is a fairly open and spacious place, where we can create several different areas according to our needs. For example, can he host a dining table from outside, which will be very convenient when we want to organize a day with friends. More, also a living area to sit and chat after the lavish banquet.

At first, we place the table in the innermost part and sheltered porch, so it will be covered from the elements. Then, in the area next, we are going to create a relaxation area, with two armchairs, facing each other. Especially in a rectangular veranda, with the table perpendicular to the relaxation area, this placement of the furniture will give the idea of ​​depth and make it appear larger.

Regarding the materials, we choose a resistant wood for the table, as in addition to any food and drink stains, it could get wet or damaged. Even better, if we can, we buy a folding table. For example, we opt for acacia wood, which is very robust and does not let moisture through. Same wood too for chairs, which will have fabric upholstery.

Then, for lighting, let’s choose wall sconces lantern. When darkness falls, they will give a very romantic touch to the environment.

Finally, let’s not forget about nature. Although it is everywhere outside the patio, it must also be inside: we buy some fragrant seedlings with vivid colors, such as the fern or there medinilla, for summer.

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Scandinavian style veranda with sofas and armchairs

Do you want to create a trendy chill environment in the Scandinavian style? Then we must definitely buy a outdoor set with sofas and armchairs.

First of all, we place the wooden parquet as flooring, which with its soft colors will rejoin the panoramic external view of nature. Then, we choose a neutral color for the wooden part of the railing, like a White ivory. Plus, we paint the iron railing of black. Since it is a very elegant color, it will have an excellent impact on the final result.

Then, the sofa and armchairs will have a wooden frame reddish, like cherry, and cotton padding white breathable. We position the sofa in front of the armchairs, to delimit the living area. But the real touch of class is the brazier central. Indeed, achieved in black marble is with the hearth discovered, will be the real eye-catcher for the Scandinavian-style veranda.

Finally, we do not forget of one of the essential features of this furniture: a lively detail. For example, we buy a pillow of a nice yellow brilliant.


Instead, if we are working on a small veranda, we can still get a very comfortable outdoor living area. For example, we buy a set of sofas is armchairs with the frame wicker. In particular, it is a very fresh material that recalls the summer style but which still adapts very well to the Nordic one. The pillows of the sofa for the backrest and seat will be whites. In addition we will add a pillow blue, which will attract attention.

In the center, we arrange two small tables of different sizes, with the shelf formed by slats of light wood. For lighting, then, we choose of the ground lanterns: they will give a charming look to the veranda.


Veranda with bathtub

In some cases, nature takes over architecture and creates enchanting green environments.

For example, we can design one small tub inside the veranda, a sort of artificial lake where aquatic plants can grow. On the side, we will use a parquet in wooden planks: it must be absolutely resistant and compact, so as not to allow any splashes of water to penetrate. Finally, to enjoy the view in front of us, let’s put some mobrids and welcoming pouf.


Internal veranda

In some cases, there veranda takes shape inside the house, perhaps in a hallway between the various rooms. However, to bring some nature back to the veranda, we can come up with some solutions that will have a nice effect on the final look.

For example, we expect square and empty areas in the parquet, where we will put of pebbles and we will let it grow of the saplings, maybe some ficus. Then, let’s put a sofa close to the wall, with some pillows to make sitting more comfortable. Thus, inside the house, we will have a green area where we can relax in complete calm.


Veranda in Scandinavian style: decorations and objects

One time decided the design general of the veranda, we can have fun with other elements. For example, let’s buy a garden swing to hang from the ceiling. In fact, without the wooden supporting structure, it will have a less bulky visual impact. Let’s hang it with solid ropes And that’s it.


Instead, for a small veranda in the city, we use gods wooden dividing strips to create a more intimate space hidden from prying eyes. In addition, we hang on the staves of the jars with flowers. Then, let’s put gods soft sofas corner with wooden frame and ivory cotton upholstery. Finally, for pleasant and soft lighting, we use chains of lights. And everything will be ready for an unforgettable evening.


What inspires us tranquility more than a hammock? Its gentle rocking accompanies us during the reading or an afternoon nap with the background music of the chirping of the swallows. Let’s hang it up in a corner of the veranda, so as not to take up too much space. Then, we use a pillow and a white duvet to cover us during the coldest evenings.


Furnishing a veranda in the Scandinavian style: examples: pictures and photos

The Scandinavian-style veranda is an incredible dream and you don’t want to wake up? But, on the contrary, do you want other new ideas? Then browse the image gallery for lots of new ideas.


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