Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday and brighten up the children’s room

Now you have the perfect excuse to renew the decoration of the room of the smallest of the house: Mickey Mouse is 90 years old. A special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. And what better way to do it than with a special detail that has the Disney mouse as the protagonist?

mickey mouse
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It’s the most famous rodent in the world. And it is so on its own merit, since it irremissibly stole the heart of all of us from the very day it appeared in our lives. Last November 18th Mickey Mouse turned 90 and he’s still in top form. With a health of iron is kept at the foot of the canyon, brightening the lives of young and old.

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Source Leroy Merlin

To celebrate his anniversary, there are many firms that have launched a special collection in honor of the cheerful and playful mouse, an icon of the 20th century. And no wonder everyone wants to offer their sincere congratulations to this endearing character.

Mickey Mouse, from Walt Disney’s head.

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Mickey Mouse first saw the light on November 18, 1928. That day the short film was released in the cinema Streamboat Willieat the Colony Theater in New York City. Its creator, the great Walt Disney, had been pondering for some time. the figure of this special mouse, optimistic and brimming with joy and fun.

Although he had Mickey’s qualities very clear in his head, it was not the same with his graphic representation. That’s why he turned to the cartoonist Ub Iwerks, and between the two of them they gave life to this dear friend.

Mortimer was the name Walt Disney had chosen for the new character. However, his wife advised him to change it to Mickey Mouse’s, much simpler, cheerful, direct and spontaneous, as was his personality and his way of being.

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In a short time, Mickey went from being a simple cartoon to becoming the most recognizable symbol of the Disney Company. And there are so many things to learn from the magnificent mouse… Its fame has preceded it for decades. As a curious fact, during the Second World War the words Mickey Mouse were used as a secret key in the landing of D-Day at the Normandy landing.

Always with us

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Since he was born at the end of the 1920s, Mickey has never left us. He stars in films, television series, and is also present in our lives as a powerful graphic, decorative and fashion resource, etc.

Today we can dress with garments dedicated to Mickey, decorate our spaces with his unmistakable ears, or wear our accessories with some detail of the famous mouse.

The important thing is that we manage to assimilate the essence of his personality. May we make Mickey’s spirit our own, his joyful and positive vision of life. His optimistic and funny way of understanding the world.

Many ideas to choose from

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Mickey Mouse’s birthday has left no one indifferent. Also in the universe of interior design and decoration, companies such as Leroy Merlin have wanted to pay tribute to him by launching a special collection full of ideas for you to decorate the children’s room. You’ll love it!

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The options are many and different. You can choose to use the bright and cheerful colors that are the hallmark of the famous mouse: red, yellow and white. Or you can also decide for a little more discreet combinations, in black and white.

Also the designs are diverse, with elements of innovative and contemporary style, or more classic. An interesting variety so that everyone can choose the Mickey Mouse complements that most define us.

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And if you’re a fan of the mouse but prefer the more subtle decorations, you don’t need to fill your little one’s room with drawings of the Disney star. All you have to do is put a detail on his wall, like this silhouette of his head in black.

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Or choose a painting and a simple children’s rug that reminds us of Mickey Mouse without being excessive, in a very discreet way. Like the blue elements in the photo, which isn’t the character’s most characteristic color but looks great, don’t you think?

You saw the children’s room from top to bottom

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Mickey Mouse can be everywhere you want to see it. Wallpapers have been designed and all types of textiles (from curtains and blinds to bedspreads, comforters and bedding). Also stickers and stickers to decorate the walls. And many other things: funny lamps, auxiliary furniture, coat racks, etc.

A wide repertoire of great ideas for you to find your favorite elements, those decorative complements from the Disney universe that bring back such good and special memories from your childhood, or those things that your children like and enjoy the most. Do you want to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday too?

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