All the keys to create at home the best playground for children

children's play area
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Now that the big day has come and the visit of the Three Wise Men of the Orient is already a reality, I’m sure you could use some ideas for plan a playground for children. Find out what the essential requirements are for it to be safe, educational and fun.

Needless to say, today is one of the most exciting, beautiful and magical mornings of the year. Actually, it’s the most wonderful MORNING. So, in capital letters. And after the nerves, the laughter and the overflowing emotion that entails the nocturnal incursion of the three Magicians, arrives the moment of to relocate the toys. This is the perfect occasion to create a playground for children. But… do you know how to do it?

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Well, if you have any doubts, keep reading this article because in it I’m going to explain to you how it has to be a space to play. Whether you have a huge room to dedicate to it or you only have one. from a small corner in the children’s room.

The perfect playground for children

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Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have already finished their work this year. I’m sure your kids are great and they’ve been filled with gifts. Toys, books, materials to develop their creativity… Now it’s time to renovate the play corner and make room for new toys.

It’s the perfect time to create a playground for kids. appropriate to the age of yours. In order for them, and you, to like it, you must meet some requirements that we will tell you.

First rule: safety first

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When it comes to setting up a playground for children their age is a determining factor. An area for infants and very young children has nothing to do with a space for 8 or 10 year olds.

Be that as it may, and especially if the playground is for babies, you will have to watch to make it safe. It is desirable to have a flexible and warm floor, as the little ones will spend the day on the floor. You can place a carpet that doesn’t have a lot of pile and is easy to clean. There are special models for children that are washed in the washing machine.

Plus, dispenses with furniture with corners (or protect them) and cover plugs with special mechanisms. Safety in the baby’s room is essential. You will also need to narrow the space by placing a barrier in the door to prevent the little adventurers from going out to explore the rest of the house without you knowing about it.

A multipurpose space

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This feature is essential in a children’s play area. Children love to paint and draw, read and watch stories, make constructions, dress up or play kitchenettes. But don’t ask them to spend too much time on just one of these activities. They like to change.

That’s why they need a play corner that offers them multiple possibilities. With drawing area, storage systems to store toys and materials, free space to move, etc. The best thing is that you place practical and functional furniture that can be adapted and used for various activities.

Bet on symbolic play

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Imitating the daily activities of the elderly is one of the things children like best. In addition, it helps them develop their mind and imagination in a great way, so it’s a good idea. to encourage this kind of symbolic play.

How can you do that? Placing a kitchenette in the children’s play area, for example. Or a market, a tool bank or a costume drawer. They’ll have a great time!

The Creativity Corner

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Painting and drawing, doing crafts and things with your hands, are activities that the little ones love. They should therefore be encouraged to do so by creating the right space.

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In addition to a table that provides an adequate work surface, you will need some systems for sorting materials with boxes, cans, etc. This way they will have at hand the paintings, the rotus, waxes and watercolours, papers and cardboards, plasticine, etc. In the children’s play area, make sure the surfaces are easy to clean to avoid disappointment.

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You can also paint part of the wall with slate paint. Children will love to deface the walls and parents will be able to breathe easy.

For those who waste energy

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If your children are the ones who literally don’t stop, then for them the winter will be almost a torment. The cold and bad weather force us to leave the park and outdoor areas aside and get used to playing at home. Children who are more mobile will be worse off, so they’ll love it if you ride them in their playroom. a wide area for them to move around. If you have enough room, of course.

You can place mattresses, a swing, climbing ropes and even a climbing wall. What do you think?

Be that as it may, the key to creating a playground for children is in create a friendly and safe environment and give them the instruments they need to play. Most of the time they are much less than we believe because they put the best and most effective: their imagination.

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