Bedroom with teal walls

Teal has become one of the main colors in terms of furniture. The bedroom acquires an important tone thanks to this shade. Here’s how to decorate it by painting the walls in this color. We suggest various combinations and some tricks to avoid making mistakes.


The teal color it’s a real one must have furniture. Fabrics, furniture and furnishing accessories absorb the best of this color, which is declined in every architectural style, going to marry perfectly with an unlimited number of matches.

This color is detected in the hex code # 008C95 and in that RGB (0; 140; 149). It is a tone that is interposed between blue and green, taking on different shades and intensities.

Combinable, elegant and versatile, let’s find out how to best interpret this color wonderful for bedroom walls.


A monochromatic bedroom

The tone on tone it is not a choice that is possible to make with the whole range of colors, yet the teal color lends itself perfectly now. If you choose to use the teal color for the bedroom walls, you can enhance its calming and relaxing effect by going to choose this color for all other elements.

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Use wall paint for walls as well paint the wardrobe, the details and the harnesses. The result will be an all-encompassing and enveloping bedroom. The continuity of color also extends to the fabrics used for the sheets, as if to create a refuge in which to close in in the serene moments of the day.

For complete everything uses a contrasting color as the only point on which to draw attention. Our advice is to evaluate the peach color for the headboard.


The perfect match: teal and gray on the walls

A bedroom assumes a touch of style and luxury thanks to the combination of two colors that seem to be created to be together: teal and gray. Use teal for the walls and matched with shades of gray for details and furnishings.

The the result will be a clean, simple environment but deserving to appear on the front pages of style and design magazines. For complete everything and create brightness hints at some elements in white, such as frames or part of textiles.


Cheerfulness and vitality with the teal color

The beauty of the teal color lies in the fact that, although it is a strong color and full of character, it assumes a certain neutrality when combined with equally strong colors. The game of contrasts becomes a winning one, giving the environment a young, cheerful and eclectic aspect. Our advice is to match to the walls of the bedroom a lively tone like cherry color.

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To create valid combinations try playing with wall stickers, adhesive elements of various shapes and sizes, also available online, representing an original design, like a blossoming tree. In an instant, spring crosses the threshold of the room and stops to stay. For get a wow effect, recalls the main colors also in other elements of the room, like carpet or curtains.


Teal color on the walls: matching with gold

For a chic and modern bedroom, that you radiate brightness, you can bet everything on a combination that has the power to release energy: the teal color and the gold color. Uses the teal color in its brightest shade and combine it with golden furniture elements, like a picture, vases or frames. Everything will take on a highly sought-after appearance, with minimal effort.


Teal color with spatula on the walls

The teal color is definitely strong it’s dark. If you want dilute this force, adding gods spots on the bedroom walls lighter and, therefore, creates a less full effect, you can opt for a technique pictorial very in vogue: thespatula effect.

It is a technique that involves the use of a dry brush in an irregular manner, covering the walls without applying the color evenly. This way a few points of the wall they will appear clearer and, consequently, brighter. To further enhance the brightness inside the room, combine teal walls with furniture, chandelier and light elements, in shades of white and beige.

If you prefer to insert a decorative and colorful element, the color that goes beautifully with the walls of this color is mustard yellow. What do you think of inserting an armchair in this shade inside the room? In no time you will have a touch of Scandinavia in the bedroom.


Bedroom with teal-colored walls: photos and images

A strong, authentic color, very combinable and that looks good in any context. Here is the teal color in all its splendor, combined with the walls of the bedroom. browse our photo gallery to steal some ideas and inspiration.


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