Vintage Bathroom: 35 Original Decor Ideas

An environment with a nostalgic flavor, welcoming and at the same time practical… if you are wondering which is the best way to follow to furnish a vintage bathroom surely here you will find the right indications and a perfect source of inspiration to realize the project of your dreams.

Through the help of 35 pictures of vintage style bathrooms we will guide you to discover an original furnishing style that has become more fashionable than ever in the last period: we will analyze in detail the choice of finishes, decorations and of course fundamental elements such as sinks, bathtubs or showers, sanitary fixtures and taps . So get ready to dive into a real journey through time, always bearing in mind that the best way to embrace vintage style in an impeccable way is to use recycled objects and materials from past decades.


How to furnish a vintage bathroom

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Let’s start from a careful observation of the finishes of a vintage bathroom and in particular from the choice of floors and tiles capable of catapulting us directly into the 60s – 70s – 80s. You can choose from a wide range of decorations starting from the timeless checkered patterns, which alternate the classic quadrangular black and white, passing through the brick effect that is nothing short of suggestive for the walls, up to the very current cement tiles capable of furnish with a truly personal, chic and refined touch.

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Another element that perfectly embodies the style of furniture that characterized almost the entire second half of the twentieth century are the bathroom consoles, ie the washbasin furniture generally made of wood or steel and marble, naturally in an exquisitely classic version with an industrial touch. .

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Another element of fundamental importance is the sink and, in this case, you can really choose from a very wide range of original solutions ranging from reproductions of a markedly industrial nature to those of recycling, also passing through the choice of high-quality stone sinks .

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Speaking of washbasins and sanitary fixtures, we could not forget to focus attention also on the taps, which must be carefully selected and evaluated in order not to undermine the much sought-after vintage effect. On the market you will find many practical models of impeccable aesthetic refinement.

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One of the elements that becomes a distinctive feature of a vintage bathroom is of course the bathtub to be chosen in the free-standing version and with a design that recalls the lines in vogue in past years. If you do not want to give up the creation of a large and practical shower, to obtain a perfect retro effect you can for example cover its internal wall with patchwork tiles, cement tiles or optical patterns.

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Modern vintage bathroom

Modern vintage bathroom ideas n.01Brand Corona

The latest trends in bathroom furniture see a suggestive meeting of vintage and modern styles, the idea is in fact to create an environment where the essential and the functional bind naturally to particular decorations and colors.

Modern vintage bathroom ideas n.02Brand CoronaModern vintage bathroom ideas n.03Brand Corona
Modern vintage bathroom ideas n.04Brand CoronaModern vintage bathroom ideas n.05Brand Corona

Vintage bathroom cabinets

Vintage bathroom furniture ideas n.01Maisons du Monde

If you are looking for particular cabinets to give a touch of personality to your vintage bathroom, the models we have chosen to show you for the occasion could win you over at first glance. You can choose between furniture with sink and coordinated with mirrors and storage boxes and then move on to simple cabinets very useful for storing bathrobes, towels and body care products.

Vintage bathroom furniture ideas n.02Maisons du Monde
Vintage bathroom cabinet ideas n.03Maisons du Monde

Vintage bathroom faucets

Vintage bathroom faucet model n.01Nobili Rubinetterie

By deciding to embrace the vintage style, great attention must be paid to details and the choice of objects and accessories. In particular, the taps will make the difference to catapult the mind into past eras, here are some models with an essential and retro design.

Vintage bathroom faucet model n.02Burlington BathroomsVintage bathroom faucet model n.03Burlington Bathrooms
Vintage bathroom faucet model n.04ZucchettiVintage bathroom faucet model n.05Zucchetti

Vintage bathroom chandeliers

Vintage bathroom chandelier model n.01Miloox

As we have already pointed out in our guide to choosing vintage chandeliers, the lighting systems of the period could be characterized by elements in wrought iron, steel or fabric. In particular, in the bathroom you can choose wall lamps installed in order to illuminate mirrors and points of particular importance.

Vintage bathroom chandelier model n.02Rexa Design

Vintage bathroom chandelier model n.03

Vintage bathroom cement tiles

Bathroom with cement tiles 01Fioranese

A triumphant return to say the least is that of cement tiles for walls and coverings. In fact, a bathroom with cement tiles expresses great personality while at the same time giving a dynamic and lively touch, definitely a must for vintage lovers.

Bathroom with cement tiles 02FioraneseBathroom with cement tiles 03Fioranese

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