A house with a garden, bathed in natural light

LaiaUbia Studio works in depth the maxim “less is more” to catch the essence of each job. The Catalan interior designer shows us her latest project: Escuelas Pías, a two-storey single-family house with a garden.

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In the house intervention, which has covered 120 m2, respecting the original textures and materials has prevailed. The staircase is the common thread of the house, the exposed brick walls and wooden beams recall its origin and the old doors of the house have found a new location.

pías schools house, a project of laiaubia studio distribution ladder

The corrugated mesh protects the staircase and allows light to pass through.

LaiaUbia Studio

This house needed to maximize the natural light entrance to allow the family to save energy. Skylights have been designed, in the kitchen and on the stairs, to avoid a large energy expenditure and allow the house to be open-plan.

pías schools house, a project of laiaubia studio staircase

The staircase is one of the skylights of the LaiaUbia Studio project

LaiaUbia Studio

The interior design is minimalist, so as not to detract from a space that exudes authenticity. In the living room, two end tables, a small sideboard and a white sofa complete the decor.

single family house project by laiaubia studio living room with exposed brick walls and white sofa

The interior designer Laia Ubia knows how to maximize the possibilities of each space.

LaiaUbia Studio

In the low level, a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and study have been arranged. The pavement is made of trowelled concrete, both inside and outside. The white color brightens the darkest areas of the house and optimizes the distribution of space with sliding doors in the hallway.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio distributor

From the access to the house, you can guess a very bright patio.

LaiaUbia Studio

The bespoke design of the kitchen is a wise choice for white lacquered furniture and natural oak wood. On the countertop, the sink, work area and cooking area have been located.

detached house project by laiaubia studio kitchen with dining room

Exposed shelving lightens the front of the kitchen.

LaiaUbia Studio

Storage options are multiplied in two heights to take advantage of one of the side walls and show off, on the other side, the exposed brick of the original house.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio wood paneled kitchen

The kitchen has a wooden dining table and four metal-backed chairs.

LaiaUbia Studio

The outdoor enclosure gives way to a patio. On the terrace, there is an adapted area with enough space to put into practice different ideas with outdoor furniture – sofas, dining table and chairs – and also a small garden with green leafy plants and flowers.

detached house project by laiaubia studio terrace with garden

The enclosure has made the most of the exterior wall to give way to natural light in the kitchen.

LaiaUbia Studio

The bath the main floor has an original slate wall. It has a flush shower, by Hidrobox; a suspended toilet, from Roca, and accessories from the firm Cosmic.

single family house project by laiaubia studio bathroom with shower and mirror with gold frame

An empire-style mirror with a gold frame and a climbing plant bring this indoor bathroom to life.

LaiaUbia Studio

The ceilings on the first floor have wooden beams and slats with grating.

The second plant, is distributed in a night area, with a full bathroom, a master bedroom, a double room and a multifunctional space, which takes advantage of the skylight of the staircase.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio skylight or skylight

Every inch is used, like the overhang of the staircase, on which a vase with a flower arrangement has been placed.

LaiaUbia Studio

East open space houses a utility room, with custom cabinets to hide the washer and dryer, and a study area. The corrugated mesh is an ingenious solution to act as a railing, allowing light access to the table, even a makeshift drying rack for light or small garments.

single-family house, project of laiaubia studio, study and laundry area

The work and laundry area share space on the top floor of the house.

LaiaUbia Studio

The Main bedroom it preserves the wooden beams and is open onto a terrace. The cabinets, with blank fronts, completely cover one of the walls. The headboard of the bed is made of wood and the selection of textiles to dress the bed is in earthy and natural tones.

single family house project by laiaubia studio master bedroom white paneled wardrobe

The LaiaUbia Studio project has had the double height of the ceilings.

LaiaUbia Studio

The flooring is a laminated parquet, by Egger, with a natural-tone wood finish.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio parquet and fringed carpet

The selected textiles in the master bedroom are made of natural materials. At Maisons du Monde, you have a similar carpet Delmas.

LaiaUbia Studio

In the Children’s room, the double height of the ceiling offers depth. The furniture focuses on the essentials: a bunk bed, with the lower part as a play area; a round rug – in natural fiber -, a small hammock, a paper bag to organize the toys and a canvas to encourage the creativity of the little one.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio children's bedroom bunk bed and hammock

The bunk bed doubles the space of the child’s bedroom. It is similar to the model Hubi, on Amazon.

LaiaUbia Studio

In the bath porcelain floor has been chosen Maps, in gray tone and measures 120 x 60 cm, from the firm Cerim. In the bathtub, hexagonal hydraulic tiles, from Mosaico del Sur, have been used. All the furniture has been designed in wood and made to measure and the taps are by Tres Grifería.

single-family house project by laiaubia studio bathroom with bathtub and flown washbasin

The vertical heated towel rail dries the towels and prevents the smell of humidity in the environment. They have it in ManoMano: design Hudson.

LaiaUbia Studio

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