The most sustainable house in Europe is Spanish

Imagine a house with a striking design where outside noise is not heard, the temperature is constant and there are no drafts. This Arquima project, installed in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​is so efficient that it has become the most sustainable house in Europe. Its structure is made of spruce class 24, very resistant and with a humidity lower than 15%.

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Why is it the most sustainable home in Europe?Because its design has achieved the Passivhaus Premium certification, awarded by the Passivhaus Institut, and five Green Leaves from the Green Building Council Spain. The sustainabilityIn addition to being a trend in consumer habits, it is becoming an obligation in construction, since since January the new constructions in Europe have to be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish living room, dining room and kitchen

The living room shares space with the kitchen and the dining area.


The orientation of the building is key, also the excellent insulation, the absence of thermal bridges and the double flow mechanical ventilation to recover the heat. This optimization of functionality has allowed the building’s energy consumption to be as low as possible and it is estimated that the heating and cooling of this building is 10kWh / mtwo.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish natural lighting

The ground floor is fully illuminated by natural light.


Light, light and more light. The house is a compact volume with two floors, with a white facade, which covers doors and windows with sliding panels in Douglas wood without sapwood, more durable and that does not need maintenance. Exterior lighting floods every corner of the building and improves interior environmental quality, which is measured in noise, light, and noise.

The façade is tinted in a gray tone, with an aged wood effect, to disguise the signs of the passage of time.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish kitchen with island

Kitchen with island, in white and wood.


Sustainable materials. The wooden structure is perfect for its acoustic and thermal properties, although it has also been chosen because it is a sustainable and recyclable material. The frameworks form a perfect thermal insulation and are a decorative solution, as the slats have also been used to limit the staircase, which gives access to the second floor.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish stairs with wooden slats

Access staircase to the project’s bedrooms.


Ecological bet. Currently, there are only 19 Passivhaus Premium certified homes worldwide and only one prototype with 5 Green Leaves, and this Arquima project has both environmental credits. Energy savings amount to “more than 90% with respect to homes built according to the Technical Building Code (CTE) of 2006 and around 50% with the update of this code, which entered into force on January 1”, according to José Antonio González, CEO of Arquima.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish a sustainable and ecological project

It is a totally sustainable project with a soul echo.


Scandi style. The decoration is of Nordic inspiration, with very open spaces and Scandinavian furniture, in white and birch tone. The unification of the dining area with the kitchen it is very ingenious and is equipped with an island, with a cooking area and bar stools. The main bedroom is a suite with a minimalist interior design.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish master bedroom

The main bedroom has simple lines.


It integrates the bathroom, but its dressing room, with exposed white lacquered shelves, is very grateful.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish dressing room of the master bedroom

A dressing room with drawers and exposed hangers.


Circular economy. Reused and recycled resources and materials benefit the planet, so energy efficiency is a key element in these savings. To begin with, the house incorporates underfloor heating, in wood, and photovoltaic solar panels.

In addition, it has a home automation system to optimize lighting and comfort, through dual-flow mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. In addition, the domestic hot water is controlled by aerothermal energy. Also noteworthy is the use of taps that adjust the water flow to the regulations.

The exterior has a charging point for the vehicle with 100% renewable energy.

the most sustainable house in europe is spanish it charges an electric vehicle

The Arquima project has a charging point for electric vehicles.


Customized solutions. Sure you have loved the house, but how much will it cost you? Calculate a budget to suit you, according to the meters you have and the plants you want, even a porch. Create your own home now, you just have to include the measurements and your project idea in Arquima.

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