A renovated apartment with natural and serene interiors

Time is not wasted. It takes a toll on homes, wears them down and shows that what was valid decades ago is not valid today. But fortunately, with a comprehensive reform that changes the distribution, eliminates what has become obsolete, recovers what makes them unique, and updates installations, coatings, lighting and carpentry, the houses are reborn. This is what happened in this apartment whose renovation and interior design project is signed by The Room Studio, led by interior designers Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech. “The owners had been following our path for a long time and had seen us in design magazine publications,” they recall, and that is why they were encouraged to contact them.
The house, they continue, “is a ground floor with an interior patio, a very old apartment
of a regal estate. When we entered, it was very compartmentalized and it was dark. In its favor it had the location, “in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, a very emblematic area for its unique urban spaces and exquisite architecture”, which its owners liked. The potential they saw in it, encouraged them to reform it. First of all, a new distribution of spaces that fit the lifestyle of the owners. The house was divided into two areas: the day and the night. The first is the “intended for social life and in which they are: the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and a secondary room”, explain the interior designers. The latter “was designed as a projection room, very ergonomic and collected, destined to watch television with the family.” Regarding the main living room, which shares the same space with the dining room, from the study they point out that now both “maintain an open dialogue that extends to the bright gallery”, which is integrated through two large openings through which the abundant light natural today it already enters in abundance.
This gallery is a space also renovated after having created “a secluded and very welcoming environment, using soft tones and earth along with recovered elements and notes of suspended vegetation ”, Meritxell and Josep point out. The objective was to get “a corner dedicated to nature, which would also be used as a work space” in the apartment. As for the second area created, the one at night, “it was oriented towards the street and was defined as the area for the rest of the owners. The main room and the bedroom of the smallest in the house are located in this wing, each with its own bathroom ”. In the first, the peaceful atmosphere achieved with a neutral color palette stands out; in the second, the cheerful notes of pastel tones.

Take a look at all the photos of the house:

Dining room with gallery

Renovated apartment in barcelona living room with vaults

Suspended lamp and recovered coffee table, from The Room Studio. Sofas: the chester is from Pilma, and the clear, from Crearte. Carpet, by Dac Rugs.

Mauricio Fuertes

“The expansion of the common areas and the opening of the different areas” were two of the objectives set out in this renovation and interior design project signed by The Room Studio.

Renovated apartment in barcelona spacious living room with balconies

In the foreground, Monet rattan armchairs and footrests, by Sika-Design.

Mauricio Fuertes

“A new redistribution of all the spaces was carried out, adapting to the needs of their owners.” Now they enjoy a living room that has gained visual and real depth, but also luminosity because it extends to the gallery, integrated by two openings.

Renovated apartment in barcelona gallery with breakfast area

Table and chairs, by Fermob. Balda by The Room Studio. Hydraulic, from Demosaica.

Mauricio Fuertes

The gallery has enough space to organize a breakfast nook, and plenty of light in case you telecommute.

renovated apartment in barcelona dining area with fireplace

Chairs, lamp and mirror, from The Room Studio. Mesa Circle by Ethnicraft. Vases, by Merc & Cia. On the shelf, sculpture and painting, from Galería Victor Lope. Tottenham Oak flooring, by Studio Parquet.

Mauricio Fuertes

The dining room, with good design and timeless, maintains the decorative scheme of the living room with “the main use of natural materials and polished finishes,” they point out from the study. To highlight as key points to achieve that peaceful atmosphere: the symmetry of the custom furniture, which transmits order; the stately air that the environment acquires with the mirror and the false fireplace; and the nobility and warmth that oak flooring provides.

renovated apartment in barcelona dining room with sliding doors

The door, which connects the dining room and the kitchen, exudes elegance with its moldings and handles.

Mauricio Fuertes

Double-leaf sliding doors raise the deco level. Whenever available meters allow, bet on them.

renovated apartment in barcelona wooden sideboard with arty ornaments

Sideboard, by The Room Studio.

Mauricio Fuertes

An arty corner. On a piece of furniture, create it with a sculpture and a framed artwork. Complete the look with a table lamp that stands out for its design.

Kitchen with office

renovated apartment in barcelona kitchen with island and retro industrial stools

Lacquered furniture, from Leicht. Lamps, by Mullan Lighting. Grifo by Franke. The stools are from The Room Studio. Frigorífico, from Smeg. Mallorca Cream tile, by Equipe. Porcelain stoneware flooring Octagon Cabaret Nacre with tacos Anthracite Dome; both from Vives.

Mauricio Fuertes

Ornamental moldings, marble countertops, faucets with aesthetics vintage and timeless furniture make up a kitchen inspired by the most stately ones from decades ago. The peninsula that houses the sink is extended into a breakfast bar to adapt it to the lifestyle of the current owners.

Renovated apartment in barcelona kitchen with vintage taps

Single lever by Franke.

Mauricio Fuertes

The kitchen faucet is much more important than you think. If you like the classic style, there are many with vintage look and current technology.

renovated apartment in barcelona office with retro industrial chairs

Furniture and Lamp, from The Room Studio.

Mauricio Fuertes

“All the areas of the house were redistributed, adjusting to the needs of the clients”, explain Meritxell and Josep, the tandem of interior designers from The Room Studio that transformed this house. Gone is its compartmentalized distribution, which obscured it. Now, the kitchen has the breadth they needed and that has allowed an office to be located and communicated with … what’s behind those paneled doors? A second room that the family uses to share moments every day and watch TV. Two spaces with a lot of use that remain, thus, connected.

renovated apartment in barcelona living room

Sofas by Ethnicraft. Lamp, table, vases and patterned cushions, from The Room Studio. Carpet by Gan. Picture, from Galería Victor Lope.

Mauricio Fuertes

A comfortable room with optimal lighting. Cozy and adjacent to the kitchen, this is the family retreat for a chat about the day or watching TV.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Renovated apartment in barcelona children's bedroom

Wallpaper, pendant lamps and pear-shaped basket by Ferm Living. High chair, from Stokke.

Mauricio Fuertes

“The children’s room was designed so that in the future it could be separated, creating two independent rooms,” they point out from the study. Now it is a space shared by the 3 and 5 year old girls, spacious and bright, in which three areas have been created: rest, games and study.

Renovated apartment in barcelona children's bedroom with study area

Modular shelving, from String Furniture. Appliques by Sebra.

Mauricio Fuertes

In the study area the winning equation: symmetry + clarity = 10 in order and decoration.

renovated apartment in barcelona master bedroom in green tones

Bed, by Gervasoni. Mesilla, by The Room Studio. Lamp, by Aromas del Campo. The chair is from Artisan.

Mauricio Fuertes

“In the master bedroom a clean space without distractions was obtained, where a comfortable and warm atmosphere is breathed together with ambient lighting ”, they explain from the renovation and interior design studio.

renovated apartment in barcelona bathroom in light tones

Mauricio Fuertes

A bathroom with separate areas. In the foreground is the sink, from which you access the bathroom and toilet, a space lined with microcement, except for the shower cabin; the walls of the latter were tiled in pink to create a visual continuity between both spaces.

Renovated apartment in barcelona bathroom with recovered washbasin cabinet

Piece of furniture sink, from The Room Studio. Taps Study Exclusive wall murals, by Tres Grifería, in white. Handwash, of Bathco. Mirrors Enter, by Ferm Living, on a leather strap. Sconces Blush by Northern. The tiled plinth was made with tile Botero Rosa, by Matter, placed vertically.

Mauricio Fuertes

A handcrafted furniture decorated with floral motifs is the absolute protagonist of this bathroom. Around it, contemporary design pieces with refined lines and a front that adds pink touches, in harmony with the delicate tones of the sideboard.

Renovated apartment in barcelona floor plan

Hearst Infographic

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