A cool apartment renovated with 50s ethyl

The apartment Cappuccino It is the reflection of the personality of its owner, a project with a divine aesthetic by Insayn Design Society. The study is based on the idea that the “mission of design has always been to create interior experiences”, so it focused on optimize the entry of outside light in the home to create a space with a very wide perspective full of sensations for the viewer.

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a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona living room and dining room

The perspective and depth of the house has been achieved by creating a space without barriers.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

From any point, the 49 m2 of floor that the house has are visualized.

a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona placo barcelona apartment distribution, before and after

Apartment layout plan Cappuccino, before and after.

Insayn Design Society Studio

This apartment is located in the Raval, a neighborhood with character, so it is located in an old Barcelona building, with a complicated layout. The Integral reform He eliminated three small rooms, one of them was used as a corridor to go to the bathroom, to turn the apartment into a single environment, very bright and without barriers.

a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona kitchen paneled cabinets

The kitchen has plenty of storage space in its custom cabinets.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

Every meter counts so the dining area has had a piece of furniture, designed by Michelle López and Celia Antúnez, architect and interior designer, respectively, who founded the Insayn Design Society studio convinced that “normality is boring” and with the full conviction that projects must be approached “from a different point of view than what people are used to”. The custom bench hides a storage system, very practical for the apartment, which gains meters and gives depth to the space when the door is opened.

The ceramic flooring is wonderful, an original element that the owner wanted to keep.

a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona dining room with bench storage space

The dining room is made up of tables and chairs, by Kave Home, and a bench that occupies the entire wall.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

To taste, the colors, so the apartment presents a color palette full of energy. In the classroom, gray has been chosen for the sofa with chaise longue and turquoise to delimit the wall that gives access to the kitchen and has a curious curved shape. The vaulted ceilings have been painted white to improve luminosity.

a cool vintage apartment in barcelona turquoise blue painted curved wall

The curved finish of the wall matches the Fifties décor of the apartment.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

The play of colors is maintained in the kitchen, with custom furniture and a nod to geometry in an original shelf flown over the cooking zone. Despite being small, the kitchen has a large storage space with side shelves and paneled cabinets and refrigerator.

a cool vintage apartment in barcelona paneled fridge

All the appliances are hidden by a paneling.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

The bedroom includes a dressing room hidden behind a turquoise curtain.

a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona small apartment with dressing room

This small apartment has such a clever layout that it includes a walk-in closet.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

The interior design of Cappuccino it is very cool, bold and unconventional, as its owner. A traveler fascinated with Thailand, a self-confessed urbanite, who loves to be relaxed and bets on less is more. A woman who prefers salty passion fruit ice cream to chocolate cone and who enjoys the beach more than the mountains. His aesthetic tastes favor proportion in linear elements.

a vintage and cool apartment in barcelona vintage bathroom 50s

The bathroom is a geometric game of volumes, with a retro air.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

The bathroom, in beige and dusty pink, is very feminine. The worktop has been used to place an original freestanding washbasin, with retro taps. Minimal taste is key, since it has only been decorated with two mirrors.

a cool vintage apartment in barcelona bathroom with freestanding sink and round mirror

Less is more is one of the maxims of the owner of this Barcelona apartment.

Marc Nogue / 20cm Studio

More information on the Insayn Design Society studio page.

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