A flat with bright and open spaces

renovated apartment entrance

Eric Pàmies

Located in Barcelona’s Born district, this 90 m2 floor urgently needed a facelift and better distribution. Dara Díaz, head of the Interior Design and Home Staging Studio Nice Home Barcelona, was in charge of the project.

As soon as he saw it, he knew that high ceilings and exposed beams was a rough diamond that only needed polishing to turn into an apartment coolaccording to the fashionable neighborhood in which it is located. He presented the owners with several distribution proposals until the final one was agreed upon: to the right of the hall, the kitchen, a complete bathroom and a toilet and, to the left, the living room and two bedrooms.

Produced by: Nice Home Barcelona.

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Large windows

To the left of the hall was the living room, which boasts a large balcony. To the right, a door was created, previously non-existent, through which the main bedroom is accessed. The enclosure provides a privacy that was previously lacking. White linen curtains, from Ikea.

In a natural way
The living room was simply and cosily furnished with a sofa, a coffee table and an armchair. The mixture of materials (rattan, cotton, linen, velvet) and the raw, earthy and ochre tones predominate. Sofa, low table, armchair and carpet, from Ikea. The round side table is from Deko Palace.

An industrial wink

This mirror, with its grid design, is trendy and brings relief to the living room. Fixed to the wall, on the sofa, it enlarges the room with discretion. Window effect mirror, on sale in the shop online www.ladiesandgentleman.es

Nordic Dining Room

The dining room, without an access door, was painted grey like the rest of the house. In front of the sofa, there was a white base unit and, in the background, the dining room with a round table and iconic designer chairs. TV cabinet, sideboard and round mirror, by Maisons du Monde. Table and chairs Wishbonefrom www.vackart.es

Kitchen, brand new

It was kept in the original place, but was expanded thanks to a new arrangement of modules and space. Hydraulic tiles on the cooking front give it an attractive vintage look.
Clock and painting, by Maisons du Monde.

A practical office
In front of the balcony, there was a dining room decorated along the same lines as the other one: round table and designer chairs, although in an industrial style. Table and chairs, by Vackart. Ceiling lamp, by Ikea.

Like the ceiling beams, the condition of the wooden floor was optimal, so it was decided to keep it. Only the old wooden skirting boards were replaced by higher ones, painted white, which visually improve the whole.

Vertical mirrors in the lobby

Your hall will seem more spacious if instead of filling it with furniture, you place vertical mirrors that give a sense of spaciousness. A coat rack on the wall, to leave your coats when you arrive, and a narrow piece of furniture will make this space more comfortable.

Decorative lamp
A warmer corner was created in the lobby with a handcrafted ceiling lamp and a round carpet of natural fabrics. Two openings without doors lead to the living room and a bedroom. Braided bamboo lamp SinnerligIkea’s “Ikea” (59 euros) and jute carpet Uralfrom Calma House (70 euros).

Space-saving, optimum storage
Between a vertical mirror and the coat rack, a tall, narrow piece of furniture was placed with several drawers for storage without taking away meters from the hall. It was decorated with a mirror, a flower arrangement and scented candles. Drawer unit (149 euros) and full-length mirror (99 euros); both from the Hemnesfrom Ikea. Candleholder, by Deko Palace.

Mediterranean air

For the second bedroom, two similar beds were chosen together with a couple of bedside tables with flexes that give it a more youthful look. The bedding in blue gives it a sailor’s touch.

Maisons du Monde bedside tables and lamps. White bedding, from Ikea. Blue bedspreads, for sale at Calma House.


They are a decorative plus in the bedrooms and become a focal point. This one is made of fiber, and the one in the second bedroom -on the next page- is made of wood strips with an aged finish, which gives it an attractive shabby touch. Both headboards are from Maisons du Monde.

In raw tones

The master bedroom, next to the living room, was designed as a perfect place to rest, with textiles and furniture in soft tones. It was equipped with a double bed, a table on each side and a simple desk/tower. Bedside tables and lamps, by Maisons du Monde. Desk, by Ikea. Cushions and striped bedspread, sold at Calma House.

Bathroom, in two-colour finish

In the master bathroom, the beams were painted a darker grey to highlight the industrial ceiling and the walls were tiled in marble. Next to the white washbasin cabinet, the shower was arranged with a glass enclosure. Wall lights, by Maisons du Monde.

Plan of the house

The reform consisted of remove unnecessary doors in areas of passage and create others without subtracting meters to the floor, provide the living room with a guest dining room and renew the kitchen completely to integrate the appliances and expand it with an office. The old laundry room, next to the kitchen, was converted into a small and charming toilet.

The entire electrical installation was also improved and new light points were created. As for the furniture, a Nordic style with vintage winks and some industrial touch mixing furniture low cost with iconic pieces of design. The diamond, already polished, now shows its best side.

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