A comfortable, functional, and comfortable cottage … beautiful!

This was the point: Rehabilitate a house or throw it away and build a new one? The owners of this house, located in the town of Sigüenza, Guadalajarathey saw it clearly: better, to start from scratch. Well, actually, it was not a decision they took from the beginning, because as soon as they acquired it they thought that, with a reform, they would manage to adapt the construction to what they were looking for: a comfortable, simple, open-space house where you can escape with your daughters on the weekends. However, analysing the land, the plans and their needs, they concluded that it would be worthwhile to embark on a real and true work to build a new cottage.

The owners worked hand in hand with the architect Miguel Quirós Esteban and the interior designer Mercedes Postigo and drew hundreds of possibilities until they achieved the desired architecture: a construction in tune with its surroundings -with a sandstone façade and a tile roof-, with two floors and large glass enclosures that connect the interior with the exterior. On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the dining room, the master bedroom en suite and the living room (on a lower level due to the characteristics of the land), which becomes the most frequented area together with the wonderful swimming pool. This, as well as the surrounding garden, is also newly built. The upper floor was reserved for the bedrooms of the two daughters, both with integrated bathrooms.

As for the decoration, the interior designer Mercedes Postigo followed the guidelines set by the owners: they wanted modern, relaxed and comfortable environments, with a look that was neither rustic, because it was a country house, nor minimalist or as modern as the architectural style of the house. Mercedes created a Warm atmosphere, with wooden floors and beams, white ceilings and walls in neutral tones; furniture of different styles and finishes, and smooth fabrics or with discreet prints, without stridencies.

Produced by: Daphne Vijande.

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