Home Depot Garage Shelving: The ultimate guide to buying

Home Depot Garage Shelving: The ultimate guide to buying

If you are looking for ways to optimize space while storing a lot of items in your garage, then you need to consider getting a garage shelving service.

Mind you, it needs not saying but we should let you know that the way a garage shelving is installed goes a long way to influence the general outlook of your garage. Although you would find a lot of designs and styles in home depot, you need to be sure that your home depot garage shelving has been installed professionally.

Home depot garage shelving is really beyond mere installation, the fixtures and accessories need to be organized in the right way to improve the outlook of your garage.

Garage storage shelves come in a variety of materials and can be mounted on the floor of your garage directly or installed to the wall. The choice you make depends on how desperate you are about getting rid of clutters and creating space for on-ground activities.

Let’s talk about the things you should know before selecting any home depot garage shelving.

5 Guides to Buying Home Depot Garage Shelving

1.      Weight Carrying Capacity

You should know that home depot garage shelving are designed specifically with different concern for weight carrying capacity. Some are designed to carry minimum weight while some are for maximum weight.

So, you should consider the specification with the kind of items you want to mount on them at the back of your mind.  Ensure that any shelf you pick will be strong enough to carry your garage items.

Let’s look at some home depot garage shelving as example.

#1. Husky 90” 5-Shelf Unit Home Depot Garage Shelving

Husky 90” 5-Shelf Unit Home Depot Garage Shelving
Husky 90” 5-Shelf Unit Home Depot Garage Shelving

With 5 adjustable wires, this home depot garage shelving is worth investing in without creating any trouble for construction in your garage.

It’s an extra-large steel shelving and can take in any garage item irrespective of the size.

The specifications are 90 inches height x 90 inches width and 24 inches depth.

It only has about 400 weight carrying capacity.

On the other hand,

#2. Edsal Heavy Duty Garage Shelf

Edsal Heavy Duty Garage Shelf
Edsal Heavy Duty Garage Shelf

This heavy duty steel shelf is in five units. Due to the material used in construction, you can depend on it to carry a garage item of about 800 pounds.

It measures 72 inches x 42 inches in height and width respectively.

Thus, it becomes important to consider the weight of the home depot garage shelving you want to buy in relation to the weight of your garage item as well.

2.      Units

The shelving units is another thing to consider when buying home depot garage shelves. You don’t have to buy more than one garage storage shelf since there are those that come with adequate units for all your garage items.

So, ask for the number of units before you buy.

3.      Do you need moving garage shelf or not.

Depending on the kind of work you do in your garage and the kind of people who work with you, you need to be sure whether you need a mobile garage storage shelf or not. Mobile shelving should be risky when it comes moving heavy items about, but when the items are less in weight, you should opt for mobile garage storage shelves. And if you are buying mobile garage shelf, make sure the wheels run smoothly.

4.      Is the garage cleaned all the time?

If you are working in a garage area that requires frequent cleaning, then you should consider wall mounted garage storage shelves or mobile ones. Although home depot garage shelving are powder-coated and made of durable polypropylene that helps resist corrosion, you still need to do all you can to make your shelf last longer.

5.      The height of the home depot garage shelving

Are you part of those who thinks height doesn’t matter when it comes to picking home depot garage shelving? Well, you need to begin to think twice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wall-mounted or mounted on the garage floor.

The important thing is to make sure it’s in a strategic proportion with the floor area if it’s a wall-mounted shelf. It has to be reachable for anyone working in the garage area with you while you must ensure that, if it’s floored shelf it’s balanced.



Putting your best effort into getting the best home depot garage shelving doesn’t necessarily have to do with your money.

It must be worth it beyond that. Pay careful attention to the tips above and above all, make sure you seek the service of a licensed expert before and after you buy a home depot garage storage shelf.

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