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which ones to choose for your garden

Are you looking for the perfect evergreen garden trees for you? In this article we will help you in choosing and designing your outdoor space.

Evergreen garden trees 7

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The soul of any self-respecting garden is characterized by ornamental trees. It is they, with their foliage and their size that make a small or bare outdoor space more noble. Obviously, you need to choose the right tree that, with the right size and colors, can really ennoble the garden. The varieties and families to choose from are many but, many people prefer evergreen trees.

How to choose an evergreen tree for your garden? The first factor to take into consideration is made up of dimensions. In fact, shrubs that are too large may not be the right choice if the house is very close to the green space where you want to plant the tree. The type of terrain and the climate should not be underestimated, present in your area of ​​residence.

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The main feature of evergreen trees is that they do not shed their leaves in the unfavorable season (the coldest in the mild climate areas, dry in the very hot ones), remaining perennial and always beautifying your green space, throughout the seasons. This is the main difference with deciduous trees.

In some cases, however, evergreen trees may never lose their leaves. Rather, their foliar apparatus is gradually and constantly renewed. This allows the hair to be always thick, in all twelve months. A feature that is also highly appreciated from an ornamental point of view, in regions where winters are very long and where the garden would risk being left bare for too long.

Where do evergreen plants grow best? They are more common in regions with tropical and humid climates. Of course, they also spread to regions where the cold is more excessive. Cold that does not endanger plant and its health.

The best known evergreen trees belong to the coniferous family: the branches are perennially covered with needles and leaves. Conifers originate in the European mountains, namely the Alps and the Carpathians.

In second place, deciduous trees stand out, shrubs with broad leaves with wide leaf. Olive and almond trees also produce fruit and blend perfectly with any type of garden.

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Evergreen garden trees 2

Evergreen garden trees: Common Juniper

Juniperus communis belongs to the Cupressaceae family and to the Juniperus genus. It is about a very easy shrub to grow. It is quite durable but prefers warm climates although it also adapts well to the cold.

The Common Juniper it should be placed in full light but also in partial shade. To know that the tree could reach up to 10 meters. Its leaves are of an intense green color, which resemble very small needles and smell good. In late spring the flowers appear.

The berries, called cuddles, are born from female flowers. Cuddles are used for their many beneficial properties. They are used in herbal medicine but also to produce wines and spirits.

Evergreen garden trees 6

Evergreen garden trees: White Fir

Abies alba, also called abezzo or avezzo, originates in the forests and mountains of the northern hemisphere. As for our peninsula, it is possible to find it both in the Alps and in the Apennines. The silver fir is evergreen and can reach about 30 meters and, in some cases, even 50.

Its leaves are deep green, persistent and needle-like. The pyramidal shape distinguishes its foliage. In adult shrubs the crown is called a stork’s nest due to a flattening on the top. The silver fir loves the cool mountain climate (can live down to -25 degrees) is not should be placed in full sun but in the shade. It could suffer from the late frosts of the valleys.

Evergreen garden trees 5

Evergreen garden trees: Magnolia Grandiflora

Belonging to the Magnoliaceae family, Magnolia grandiflora has a very wide and thick crown. Its hair is very thick and has an intense green. The shrub can reach up to 20 meters. Better to plant it in semi-shade. Necessity of a moist but well-drained soil.

It was a French botanist, Pierre Magnol, who was the first to introduce magnolia to Europe, in the botanical garden of Montpellier. Its flowers, which bloom in spring, are very beautiful and fragrant, with fleshy and large petals.

Evergreen garden trees 4

Evergreen garden trees: Eucalyptus

Born in Oceania, in Italy the eucalyptus can reach up to 25 meters in height (unlike the native lands, where it reaches 90 meters in height). The shrub it should be planted in full sun and sheltered from the wind which could damage its hair, generally oval or irregular in shape.

He can’t stand the cold: better that temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees. The soil in which it is to be planted must be fertilized and well drained. Its cultivation is perfect for the bark, flowers and aromatic leaves.

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Evergreen garden trees: photos and pictures

Have you found the perfect evergreen tree for your garden? The range of possibilities is very broad. In the meantime, we leave you to our image gallery.


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