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Low-maintenance garden trees: selection guide

A beautiful, colorful and always tidy garden is the desire of many. Let’s find out which garden trees require little maintenance.

Low maintenance garden trees 1

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Any lazy gardener (or black-thumbed person) is looking for a garden, where only a little attention is needed here and there. Better to spend time on the deckchair gazing at the greenery that surrounds us or organizing barbeques with friends to take advantage of our outdoor space. Who would ever want to spend every free minute in their garden pruning, watering, fertilizing, and much more? Obviously, if gardening is a real passion, then so be it.

One cannot even remotely imagine that a garden does not require maintenance. Despite this, you can choose plants that require little and among these there are also trees. We are talking about pruning, watering and work that, with these specimens, and a few small tricks could really be reduced to the bone.

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In general, it is the evergreen trees that require the least maintenance of all. Furthermore, have so many advantages among here they stand out: defending the house from atmospheric agents and noises, due to their foliage, create shady areas in the garden and, with the leaves that do not fall, allow you to have a lawn that is always well kept.

Let’s see what are the garden trees with little maintenance, and some tricks to keep your outdoor space always in order.

Low maintenance garden trees 3

Low-maintenance garden trees: acacia

Small to medium in size, acacias stand out for their elegant, toothed, mostly perennial foliage. It also produces very beautiful flowers. They should be planted in mostly temperate climates and in the sun. The most famous acacia of all, which populates the gardens, above all, of southern Italy, is the mimosa whose name, in botany, is Acacia dealbata.

It is not difficult to grow but a little bit of caution should be placed at the pH of the soil. In fact, mimosa prefers acid soils. Attention also to irrigate it frequently during the summers very hot. Furthermore, the pruning aims to make the crown of the tree rounded.

Low maintenance garden trees 7

Low-maintenance garden trees: hibiscus

Part of the Malvaceae family, hibiscus easily adapts to different types of climates and soils. This even if it prefers well-drained soils fertilized with organic substances. In addition, it should be planted in partial shade. In summer, it requires little watering. It can withstand even very harsh temperatures.

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Low maintenance garden trees 6

Low-maintenance garden trees: hawthorn

The Crataegus, this the botanical name of hawthorn, has a very branched stem. It is a shrub that can reach 5 meters in height. The hawthorn, being rustic and long-lived, it adapts well to both the plains and the mountains. During the spring, will give to your garden of beautiful blooms, even if they do not last long.

During the autumninstead, they take their places on the tree of the berries from the red or yellow color very succulent for the birds. It prefers a soil that is fertilized with organic but also well drained. It should be planted in partial shade and requires abundant watering only in summer. Hawthorn too it can withstand temperatures that are close to freezing.

Low maintenance garden trees 4

Low-maintenance garden trees: maple

Easily recognizable by its rounded crown and pointed leaves, who became protagonists of the Canadian flag, maple is a tree that it requires little maintenance (only to eliminate any damaged branches). It is precisely the leaves that make the tree very fascinating, especially in autumn. The maple it should be placed in a fertile but medium-textured and well-drained soil. Prefers partial shade.

Low maintenance garden trees 5

A few more tips

To have a low maintenance garden, it is not enough to insert trees that require few. Rather, you need to think about the outline as well. Here are some tricks that will allow you to work less.

The first tip is to create, between one tree and another, between one plant and another, paths made with gravel, steps and mulch. At least 20% of the floor area of ​​your garden should be dedicated to these materials. These are often cheap and easily available materials.

Alternatively, stone is also a good option, waterproof and eco friendly. Exists even concrete which, thanks to molding systems, it may seem a faithful reproduction of real stone.

In addition to the trees low maintenance, also choose low maintenance plants. To avoid the English lawn which could require up to 10 pruning a year. Instead, opt for native plants.

Uses, then, vegetable mulches that will allow you to work on the ground against weeds, more naturally. The soil will be protected.

As for fertilizers, you can use practical sticks, to insert directly in pot and that release nutrients gradually.

Low maintenance garden trees 2

Low-maintenance garden trees: photos and images

Have you chosen your low maintenance tree? With our advice, we are sure that you will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space, without too much effort.


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