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Robot lawnmower: features, functionality, prices. In this guide, here are all the best models on the market to choose the one that best suits your needs.


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In choosing the robotic lawn mower for the lawn several factors must be taken into consideration: cut, functions, type of power supply, accessories, prices.

If you too want to have an always tidy garden, i robot lawn mower certainly represent a valid solution. On the market there are different models and brands available, each with its own characteristics.

In this guide we discover the evaluation criteria and i best robotic lawnmowers on the market before purchasing.

Robot lawnmower how it works


To make work easier in the most varied sectors and in everyday life, technology comes to our aid. It is a discourse that also applies to the robot lawn mower, thanks to which to automate the activities necessary for the garden and make it aesthetically perfect. Their operation is simple. It is enough indeed circumscribe the area, operate the robot and wait for the job to finish in total autonomy.

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How to choose the robotic lawnmower


Let us now examine what the most important factors to evaluate before buying a robotic lawnmower:

  • Cut: the number of blades (usually from 2 to 5) guarantee an optimal cut. Essential in this regard the width and height, two aspects that affect the final result.
  • Coverage: indicates the maximum area to be cut according to the autonomy offered by the machine. It is usually between 100 and 3,000 square meters (but even more for large areas).
  • Inclination: on each model the maximum slope of the land. It is an element not to be overlooked if you plan to work in hilly areas. The best can trade with values ​​up to 40%.
  • Functionality: all the cutting-edge models offer multiple functions to adapt the robotic lawnmower to your needs, including work timers, remote control with remote control, impact sensors.
  • Autonomy and power supply: the charging times of some models take several hours, so it is important to pay attention to this aspect as well. As for the power supply, all robotic lawnmowers use a battery. The most performing are ai lithium ions.
  • Brand and prices: different manufacturers of garden machinery today have robotic lawnmowers in their catalog. Among the most popular brands we find Worx, Kress, Ambrogio Robot, Husqvarna, Stihl. How much does a robotic lawnmower cost? Prices are generally between € 400 and € 2500, to reach € 5,000 for professional models.

Robot lawnmower models

The best choice must be made taking into account not only the brand and costs but above all what you actually need and how you want to use it. Let’s deal with some of the most popular models in specialized stores and in the main DIY and bricolage chains.

Husqvarna robotic lawnmower


A perfect lawn is possible thanks to the series of robotic lawnmowers of the series Husqvarna Automower. Each model is equipped with three carbon steel blades, climate timer and many other features.

Among the best-selling types and with a compact design we find HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 305. It represents a good solution for gardens up to 600 square meters. Very performing, so much so that it is appropriate with slopes up to 40%. Other functions include the weather timer and frost protection. The average charge time is quite fast: about 60 minutes. The sale price is € 1,099.00.

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Robot lawn mower Leroy Merlin

The well-known French chain specialized in DIY and bricolage, with numerous points of sale throughout Italy, makes available in its catalog multiple models of robotic lawnmowers. Prices start at € 459 and go up to over € 2,000.


Among the most appreciated by customers we find the Robot lawn mower WORX Landroid L2000 WR155E with two lithium batteries with a power of 20 V. Among the main features, the width (22 cm) and cutting height (from 30 to 60 mm). It represents the optimal solution for gardens over 1000 square meters and slopes up to 35%. Among other features, automatic charging and integrated wifi for remote control. The charging base is retractable. The sale price is € 1,499.

Robot lawn mower Stihl

To enjoy a perfectly shaved garden without wasting energy, i Stihl robotic lawnmower they are second to none. Particularly requested is the “iMow” series of products for small, medium and large surfaces.


The right compromise between price and quality is the model RMI 422 P, a robotic lawn mower extremely compact, suitable for medium and large surfaces (up to 1,500 square meters). The cutting width is 20 cm. Not only it cuts but also shreds and fertilizes in a single phase. Equipped with an 80 Wh battery, the cutting height is 20-60mm. The sale price is € 1,544.

Ambrogio robot lawnmower

A product Made in Italy with remarkable efficiency and multiple functionalities: the robot lawnmower Ambrogio. A Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Spa brand that is conquering important market slices, thanks to the adoption of resistant materials, brushless motors, lithium batteries and an attractive design. There are many models available, for small residential gardens to the largest green spaces.


Among the products in the catalog we point out the L35 – B and Deluxe series models. They feature high efficiency brushless motors, innovative cutting systems and coverage up to 1,200 square meters. Equipped with flex rubber rear wheel and management of up to eight separate zones. Equipped both with Bluetooth receiver while the maximum allowed slope is up to 35%. Maximum cutting width equal to 25 cm while the relative height between 25 and 60 mm. The basic model on sale for € 1,690.

Kress robotic lawnmower


A German brand synonymous with great reliability, since 1966 manufacturer of quality power tools, including i Kress robotic lawnmower of the “Mission” line. 5 models available with coverage from 600 to 2000 square meters. All equipped with autonomous obstacle navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity and off-center floating blades for optimal cutting of lawn edges. They make use of INTIVA technology to automatically choose the best route and optimize work. Excellent quality and functionality but they get paid for: prices starting from € 1,099.

Robot lawn mowers reviews


How are the opinions on robotic lawnmowers? Mostly positive. These are very useful machines for lawns and gardens. Among the reasons for the success i prices become more accessible compared to past years. To the mere economic cost we must add the time they save and excellent shaving results. More and more people are satisfied with the use of robotic lawnmowers, so much so that they choose them instead of traditional lawnmowers.

For those who want to save, they can get a used robotic lawnmower. In this case, we recommend checking the condition of the machine and realizing if the “game is worth the candle”. economic robotic lawnmower but of higher value.

Robot lawnmower image gallery

Below is a complete gallery of images of the models of robotic lawnmower covered in this article, to help you choose your new work “companion” for the garden.


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