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The names and characteristics of the most beautiful and easy to grow succulents with indoor and outdoor flowers: from those with hanging flowers to those without thorns, the best specimens for decorating the garden, the balcony, the terrace or your apartment.


Succulents, in the collective imagination, are associated always to dryness e to the drought of hostile environments such as the desert. However, there are many succulents with flowers, luxuriant, with lush colors and perfect for embellishing the environment with their touch.

These are, in most cases, plants which bloom in spring and summer, but there are also varieties that manifest themselves at the peak of their beauty during the winter period.

There are succulents with indoor flowers, easy to grow in pots and small in size, and others for outdoor use, usually characterized by hanging flowers and much more extensive. Apart from this distinction, they are all united by their high adaptability and the fact that they require very little maintenance.

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Let’s find out together the names and characteristics of the most beautiful succulents with flowers.


Succulents with indoor flowers

There is a multitude of succulents with indoor flowers, many without thorns and therefore also suitable for living with pets and children. These houseplants they require very little maintenance and are able to revive the environment during flowering.



Mammillaria is a variety of cactus and has Mexican origins. It adapts very well to apartment living and, due to its low and wide shape, is perfect for growing in pots. This plant it is entirely covered with white thorns from which, in summer, bloom hanging flowers in pink, white or light purple tones.

Christmas cactus


The Christmas Cactus, whose scientific name is Schlumbergera, it stands out for its voluminous red flowers that turn purple at the ends in most varieties. It needs a humid climate and, therefore, to be watered regularly. Ideal as a houseplant, finds its perfect location on windowsills and, as the name suggests, blooms in winter.

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Euphorbia Milii


Euphorbia Milii is a succulent plant native to southern Africa and looks like a shrub. It blooms in the summer, when it shows off yellow, red or pink flowers which, if cared for correctly, can also be maintained throughout the year.

It is recommended to place it in a terracotta pot and in a bright corner of the house as it benefits from exposure to light.



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The Adenium (also known as Desert Rose) is a succulent plant much loved by connoisseurs of indoor plants. Originally from Africa, it can easily be grown as a bonsai, making it perfect even if you don’t have much space.

It blooms in spring, until autumn, and presents pink and white flowers. Also in this case it is preferable to place the plant in an area of ​​the house exposed to light.



Kalanchoe is a thornless succulent plant known for its decorative value. It is part of the Crassulaceae family and comes from Madagascar, there are several types but the most common is the one with round and fleshy leaves.

It blooms in late winter and early spring and presents pink flowers of many shades. It does not tolerate the cold very much, so it is preferable to grow it in pots and keep it indoors.

Succulents with outdoor flowers

There are also many succulents with flowers for outdoor with which to embellish your garden, balcony or terrace. These are mostly succulents with thorns, so it is advisable to pay attention to their location especially if you have children or pets.



The Cotyledon is a plant of African origin which it stands out for its light green leaves very fleshy. The flowering of this plant is rather slow: it takes at least 3 years to see it in bloom, but it’s really worth it.

Usually blooms in autumn and presents red, yellow and orange flowers.

Sedum Palmeri


Sedum Palmeri is a succulent plant with yellow flowers, which reaches its peak flowering in March or in any case in the spring.

Likes full sun but also tolerates shade well, where, however, it blooms in a slower and less luxuriant way. It can also live in pots and is a great choice to adorn the garden and balcony.



One of the most beautiful and colorful outdoor flower succulents is undoubtedly the Drosanthemum, belonging to the Aizoaceae family. Its flowering usually takes place in summer and is facilitated by exposure to direct sunlight. It has magnificent purple flowers and adapts very well to areas with a temperate climate.

Rebutia Minuscula


The Rebutia Minuscula it belongs to a family, that of the Cactaceae, originally from the Argentine and Bolivian desert. It stands out for its unmistakable spherical shape and for the rather small size.

Its flowers are red, yellow or orange, depending on the variety chosen. It fits very well on the outside, so it is perfect for both the garden and the balcony and terrace. It fears the particularly bitter cold, so it is preferable to take great care of it and shelter it during the winter season.



Delosperma is a gorgeous succulent plant with pink flowers, which come in different shades. To be grown in pots or in the ground, when it blooms it recreates a very particular voluminous and compact effect, able to embellish the garden.

It is recommended to grow this type of plant in rock gardens, near flower beds or directly in pots. Much cold resistant, is one of the succulents with the best suited flowers even in adverse weather conditions.

How to care for succulents with flowers

succulents-flowers-how-to-cure them

Most succulents only bloom once a year, mostly in spring and summer. There are, to be fair, also species that bloom in winter, including the famous Christmas Cactus we have already talked about. There are also succulents that take years to bloom, but it is good to keep in mind that by recreating the right habitat it is possible to witness the spectacle offered by flowering succulents, opulent and beautiful, with greater ease.

During flowering and shortly before of this event, it is important reduce watering, because the appearance of flowers is favored by drought. It follows that it is essential to know in which period our succulent plant blooms.

We must also intervene often with fertilization and repotting, in order to make the environment as comfortable as possible for the plant. Succulents with flowers prefer sun exposure, while in winter they must be kept in dry or closed places with a temperature never lower than 10 ° C.

Make sure the soil is permeable and rich in minerals and other nutrients capable of promoting flowering (especially potassium and phosphorus).

Succulents with flowers: pictures and photos

Did you enjoy our tips on succulents with flowers? In the gallery below many images of flowering succulents to choose the perfect one for you.


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