Best Outdoor Tv worth buying

Best Outdoor Tv worth buying

Just like the fun you have with your family indoor, you can mount a television set outside and revel in nature.

We have however been asked questions relating to the suitability of any kind of TV for outdoor use. And we must say it now that it is not every TV set that is suitable for outdoor use.

There are indoor TVs and there are outdoor TVs designed specifically for outside. So, putting an indoor TV outside is risky. It doesn’t matter if you say you are going to cover it. Isn’t it the reason manufacturers take effort to provide manual?

You should know that humidity, dust, and sunlight can compromise the good condition of your TV set. Hence, an outdoor TV set designed for outside entertainment will include the resources that protect it against the aforementioned exposure.

We understand it’s more fun when you are catching the entertainment outside in a natural environment. So, we are happy to introduce to you the best outdoor TV sets.


1.         SunBrite TV SE

SunBrite TV SE
SunBrite TV SE

If you live in an environment where the sun is an unavoidable company, you need the kind of outdoor TV with anti-glare characteristics. But we only recommended this for installation where the sun doesn’t shine in full.

This outdoor TV by SunBrite comes with an anti-glare screen, 500-nit high brightness, and a resolution of 4K UHD.

Its build is a 1-inch flat panel with powder finished aluminum back surface. You have nothing to worry about buying this as it has been sealed against liquid, snow, salty air, and dust.

The cables have been covered in an anti-weather compartment that won’t allow the smallest drop of snow or water penetrate.

The other features are day and night view modes, durable aluminum casing, and ability to withstand ugly temperature.

But it’s quite heavy and the sound is not so loud.

2.     Seura STRM-53.3-UB 55-INCH

 Seura STRM-53.3-UB 55-INCH
Seura STRM-53.3-UB 55-INCH

For full sun use, nothing should stop you from buying this ultra-bright outdoor TV. This means you can always have the kind of fun you desire even without a shade.

With an adaptive picture technology, this outdoor TV is designed to ensure that the brightness of the image contrasts and adjusts with the ambience of the light.

Also, it has an active airflow system that ensures that there’s adequate ventilation all the time. So, even if it’s mounted above the fireplace, there is no cause for alarm.

The aluminum frame of this outdoor TV is a beveled edge seamless glassy face.  To protect it from ice, dust, and other elements, the frame has been sealed three times.

Also, it uses an anti-glare protective screen.

 This outdoor TV is so heavy.

3.     Sealoc 4K Waterproofed Outdoor TV

Sealoc 4K Waterproofed Outdoor TV
Sealoc 4K Waterproofed Outdoor TV

This smart design is also one of the best outdoor TVs. With patio covers, you have nothing to worry about this.

Nano coating has been used to seal the parts completely. It can connect via Wi-Fi and it comes with USB and HDMI port. This means you can stream from physical smart devices while the speaker oozes out great sounds.

But this TV needs to be installed in an area that shields from sunlight.

4.     Evervue Cosmos Outdoor TV

Evervue Cosmos Outdoor TV
Evervue Cosmos Outdoor TV

You want the best return on your asset, invest in this outdoor TV. You can install it under direct sunlight with nothing to worry about. After all, it has an anti-glare screen.

Besides, it features 700-nit brightness enhanced panel. Unlike the others, this outdoor TV has a shower cap. It’s also completely sealed, no worry about the intrusion of insects or moisture.

Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel exterior, it has a great resistant against scratch and stain. Also, this is rustproof.

Note that this TV uses 24 volts, so it can be installed close to pools or hot tubs. This offers unique and special sound streaming which means the sound doesn’t interfere with the peace of your neighbors.

You can always connect via Wi-Fi and stream to your smartphone or tablet. Also, you can use apps and online games without necessarily having gaming gadgets.

 It has just two HDMI ports.

5.     Skyvue NXG 32” Full Sun Outdoor TV

Skyvue NXG 32” Full Sun Outdoor TV
Skyvue NXG 32” Full Sun Outdoor TV

This is one of the best outdoor TV that rocks all weather. It has a unique ruggedness about it that makes it a perfect pick for any kind of outdoor entertainment.

No matter the strength of the sun, the brightness of your TV or its color-imagery cannot be compromised.

With its waterproof element, it is highly protected against water splashes and can withstand elements like dust, ice, and insects.

The design comes in the different powder-finished casing that allows you to choose the theme that blends well with your outdoor setting.

It has an anti-glare screen, 1000-nit brightness screen, but no in-built speaker.

The 12 Best Outdoor TVs


The best outdoor TVs are designed for safety and uninterrupted operation. Always check for the right specifications before you buy.

The brightness –measured in nit, should be able to adjust to any weather mode. With a good budget, you can get any of the best outdoor TVs above. You don’t have to be stressed setting up a TV outside each time you want to have outdoor entertainment. Besides, TVs designed for indoors are not supposed to be exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

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