Tips for buying Circa Lighting Chandelier

Tips for buying Circa Lighting Chandelier

Circa Lighting is devoted to offering the best decorative and visual arts when it comes to lighting for commercial or residential purposes.

We all want beautiful and colorful displays in and around our homes. Or don’t you want that? You must have walked into a room in a hotel or probably some public places where you saw circa lighting chandeliers in the most mind-blowing display.

Mind you, we are not talking about just the traditional chandeliers. Chandeliers have evolved greatly and as a result, have gone beyond their common setting – dining room. Circa lighting chandeliers always stand out for their variety of designs, quality, and craftsmanship.

That’s why you can find them in almost any room, including the bath. If you have eyes for great visuals, you wouldn’t mind having any of circa lighting chandeliers in your home.

But before you buy any circa lighting chandelier, we advise that you take careful steps to go through the following decisions.

What Height And Width Should Your Circa Lighting Chandelier Be?

There are different types of circa lighting chandelier to befit any part of the house. But beyond picking a design or type from the store, you need to pick the right size for your room setting. So, how do you determine the size that you should pick?

We have a simple formula for you. Measure the length of your room and the width as well. This will help you determine the width (in inches) of the circa lighting chandelier you need to buy.

On the other hand, the height can be measured by taking the room’s height and multiplying it by 2.5 or 3. This will give you an approximate height that you should look out for.

How High Should Circa Lighting Chandelier Hang?

How High Should Circa Lighting Chandelier Hang?
How High Should Circa Lighting Chandelier Hang?

Most of the times, the height of your circa lighting chandelier hanging from the base or floor depends on where you have it fixed.

For example, when it is hanging in the dining room it should not be more than 30 – 35 inches above the tabletop. Of course, the right place to have your circa lighting chandelier hanging down is directly towards the tabletop.

On the other hand, it should not be more than 6 or 7 feet above the floor if it’s above the floor. The case of circa lighting chandelier for a kitchen is quite different in the kitchen as it should be close enough to enable adequate lighting.

Can Circa Lighting Chandelier Fit Any Type Of Ceiling?

Can Circa Lighting Chandelier Fit Any Type Of Ceiling?
Can Circa Lighting Chandelier Fit Any Type Of Ceiling?

Commonly, unlike the traditional chandeliers, modern chandeliers are designed to fit in a variety of ceilings. And knowing this will save you from unnecessary stress.

We have a few tips for you.

  • When it is a circa lighting chandelier that hangs directly from a chain or cord, we recommend that you fix it into a junction box. On the other hand, if your pick features a down rod, be sure that it can adapt to sloping ceiling before you buy. When a circa lighting chandelier has this feature, you can fix it at any angle.
  • However, if your ceiling is low, the best thing to do is to remove some of the chain links. Better still, you can use the shortest down-rod instead. With this tip, your chandelier wouldn’t be an intrusion nor will it be too low that it obstructs balanced vision.
  • Meanwhile, we understand that some ceilings could be extra high for circa lighting chandeliers. How do you overcome this challenge? The best thing is to measure the height of your room to the ceiling level. Like we have said above, multiply the height by 2.5 or 3. Once you identify the specification of circa lighting chandelier, you can then reach out to the seller/manufacturer for an added length or better still a custom-made chain, cord, or down-rod.



Circa lighting chandeliers have never failed to give any room the most stunning decorative art and visuals that your modern space requires.

The goal is for the circa lighting chandelier to make the best impression from any angle while also providing adequate lighting. Always hire the service of a licensed expert electrician. You can’t afford to commit your circa lighting chandelier into the hands of just any electrician.

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