Wood in terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

Our terraces can be dressed with many materials, but without a doubt, one of the favorites is wood. Elegant, cosy and warm, this noble material can be applied in an endless number of solutions in outdoor decoration. In this article we will give you some ideas.

Wood in terraces

We can see it present in floors and even in furniture, everything is possible. Now, remember that the lumber will always require maintenance. It is not that you have to be constantly treating it, but once a year it is convenient to apply some type of product to be able to maintain its beauty over time.

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Wood in the pavement

Perhaps the most traditional way of including the wood in exteriors is in soils. The wooden pallets are warm to the touch. They present colors that can achieve a most cozy atmosphere. In addition, as a great advantage, the wooden floors they adapt to any corner, as long as we know how to place them correctly.

You can cover large areas with this material, although it is also possible to highlight small areas above others, for example, the place where you place a table to be able to eat outdoors.

Wooden floor in terraces

Wooden and stone floor on terrace

Wood in furniture

Another of the great classics is to include wood in the furniture. The tables and wooden chairs are fine, but we also love banks with this material. Comfortable surfaces that can also be complemented with an endless number of textile options; wood offers many possibilities by combining it with outdoor cushions.

Wooden benches on the terrace

Terrace with lots of wood

Lights in the wood

In the evenings the wood will be marvellously illuminated with any type of wood. luminaireWhat if you want to place indirect lights or embed certain spotlights in this material? You won’t have any problems, because wood lends itself to them. If you want to achieve a warmer effect, opt for a slightly more yellow lighting. Do you want to highlight an area? Please note that the last photo includes a series of indirect lights to give more prominence to wooden steps.

Wooden terrace with luminaires

Wood and luminaires in terraces

Wood in terraces

Create unique corners

Wood can also help us by creating unique spaces. For example, it is possible to build a beautiful pergolaThere is also a covered area where you can place a corner with low tables for relaxing or even for a snack. A place where you can also include other elements, such as a grill or barbecue. In addition, wood is a great material for framing water areas, such as swimming pools or whirlpools. However, in these cases we must be well informed of which class to place, because there are some more resistant and hard for the humid zones.

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