Vintage terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

Those in love with the vintage style who also have a terraceWhether large or small, you may want to adapt this space to your favorite style. And it’s just that really, a terrace in the purest vintage style is, without a doubt, a hit. But… How can we decorate this space with this particular style?

Well, the essential thing is, first of all, to get iron furniture o washed wood furniture. This will really be the basis for creating the desired environment and structure of our decoration. Obviously not all furniture of these materials will do, we must find those that have an older look, with obviously more classic designs.

Far be it from us to think that this kind of element doesn’t have to cost us much money either. We can go to rakes and rakes to find these essential parts for the decoration of our vintage terrace.

From that moment on, everyone’s imagination has to start flying. Some people will choose to add a touch of colour to the fabric, others will prefer to use elements with a certain aged air such as cups, pots or objects made from brass y glass.

The use of plants, preferably with flowersIt is also very important to create a vintage atmosphere Perfect. But above all, what we must bear in mind is that this terrace is made for us, so the main thing is that we feel comfortable on it.

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