Terraces in winter – Interior and exterior decoration

All those of you lucky enough to have a terracehowever small, you will know the amount of life it can give to a home. The terraces are really pleasant rooms, where we can enjoy moments of light and calm. However, on many occasions we miss this space in winter; and that is because the cold makes it less attractive.

Terraces in winter

Why not use the terraces in winter? There are also hours of sunshine during those cold days, and although the temperature is not entirely pleasant, you can always look for solutions to continue enjoying the outside of our home.

At the time of decorate a terraceIf we want to use it in the winter, we’ll have to pay a lot of attention to outdoor furnitureThe fact is that not all materials are capable of withstanding the inclemency of the weather. If we choose not to use the terrace during this season, we can just put the furniture away. However, if our intention is to maintain the terrace during the winter, we will necessarily have to use furniture made of resistant materials that can withstand the elements. We can, for example, use rattan or synthetic fibre. Fortunately there are many houses that sell this furniture, so we can choose the style that best suits our tastes.

Terraces in winter

Another interesting and important point is the protection of this furniture; even though it is resistant, it will not hurt to place some pergolaThe aim is to provide a shelter for the children, umbrella or awning that can, on the one hand, protect them from rain or snow, and on the other hand, protect us from the cold.

Snowy terrace

And if it is precisely the cold that concerns us, we have some really practical solutions.

Leather-covered chairs

Decorating terraces for the winter

Man, during his long history, has known how to adapt to the coldest areas of the planet; and the fact is that, although it is true that covering oneself is not the most modern solution, thick skins and clothes manage to insulate the sensation of cold. At this point, it occurs to us that we could line our terrace seats with furs. In addition to looking really good, we will get our family and guests warm during the winter. In addition, we can also place blankets so that people can cover their legs. The latter is something that is widely used on the terraces of bars and cafes in some cold cities around the world.

Terraces in winter

Another option that we like very much is to place outdoor fireplaces. We’ve often told you about the decorative beauty of these pieces, which should not overshadow their main function, to warm us up during the winter.

Terraces in winter

Finally, for those who have less space, they can also opt for the typical mushroom stoves. Those stoves that many commercial terraces incorporate to heat their customers, and that can help us enjoy our terrace on the coldest days of the year.

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