Pergolas for terraces. Fixed enclosures for terraces.

Terraces can be used in many ways. Having an outdoor dining table is a good idea, but it’s also useful to have an area protected from the sun. The pergolas for terraces and fixed enclosures are the main solutions that are usually used. Which one would you place at home?

Pergolas for terraces or fixed enclosures?

In this occasion we show you the main characteristics and advantages of each one of them so that you can choose well and decide at the time of making a reform in the terrace. We hope this article will help you conclude which of these alternatives is best for you: ¿?pergolas for terraces? o ¿fixed enclosures?

How much does a pergola or fixed enclosure cost for my terrace?

This is a question we all face when faced with the possibility of carrying out any remodeling. If you have in mind to reform your terrace we recommend you compare budgetsHow to do it? All you have to do fill in the form indicating what you want and where you want it. Followed by this, professionals and companies in your area will send you up to 4 estimates online, FREE and without obligation.

The elegance of terrace pergolas

The pergolas are really elegant elements. In many cases we find them attached to the house, and take advantage of the walls of the same to create the structure. We also found independent pergolaslocated in any corner of the garden. Its structure can be made of many materials, from wood to wrought iron. In addition, the cover can also vary, using rigid materials, tarpaulins or even plants. The wooden pergolas are our favorites.

Wooden pergolas

Pergolas for terraces

Enclosures for terraces

The terrace enclosures differ from pergolas (especially annexes) in that they are enclosed spaces, as their name suggests. Normally they use glass or glasses, although it is not uncommon to see enclosures with several walls and large glass windows only in the main wall. As for the roof, if you want to protect yourself from the sun, it’s best not to use clear glass.

Enclosures for terraces

Glass enclosures for terraces

Advantages of pergolas

Versatile spaceThe main advantage, without doubt, is the versatility of the space that is created using the pergolas for terraces. An open corner, but also closed. A place where you can be outdoors, but where you can take shelter from the rain or the sun.

Wide variety of models and finishesAnother advantage is that, as far as decoration is concerned, they offer a lot of freedom. You can choose between wooden pergolasalways more rustic and warm, there are also the aluminium pergolaslightweight and modern. In addition, the bioclimatic pergolasThey are able to adapt to any weather change in your garden.

Increase the square meters of the houseIt is not a unique and exclusive characteristic of the pergolas, as we will see later, but it is remarkable. And it is that, when placing them next to the housing, you will gain square meters to construct a outdoor lounge.

Wooden pergola

Wooden pergolas and reeds

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