Mediterranean terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

Today we want to talk about terracesbut not the normal kind. No. We want to give you a series of premises to be able to decorate your terrace to the purest Mediterranean style. Imagine a terrace where you feel as if you were staying in one of those Mediterranean houses with a view of the sea. A corner full of light where the colours allow us to feel integrated in a warm and summery atmosphere.

Well, performing this kind of decoration on our terrace won’t be too complicated. We just have to pay attention to a number of things. To start with the color. Ideally, we should paint our entire terrace from a pure white. There are a large number of special paints on the market for exteriors, those are precisely the ones we should buy.

The other colours, in textiles and details, will also be important. They must be shades that attract light, that give priority to illumination and that do not extinguish our surroundings. For this reason the most used or recommended is to use colors such as sea blue, aquamarine, ochre or olive green.

The floor for our terrace should be terracotta o woodThey are the materials that stick most with this type of Mediterranean style, and the truth is that when it comes to cleaning, it is not a nuisance (due mainly to its colour).

As for the furniture, although it is true that we could use wood-based elements, the truth is that we will be given more luminosity by those that have a white color (being able to dress them with the aforementioned tones).

The result will be a very bright and cosy terrace.

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