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You would love to have a large terrace, one of those that when you see them you relax instantly. However, the reality is that you have a small balcony. Yes, overlooking the outside, but small. Far from making a drama out of it, you should be glad; and there are a lot of different ways to make the most of the square meters of this space.

Ideas to make the most of space in small balconies

Here are some ideas that you can put into practice for make the most of your small balcony. Economic and very interesting ideas that will ensure that the lack of space is not a problem.

Fearlessly occupies the entire balcony

Let’s explain this well. It’s not about filling every metre of your balcony with furniture, plants and so on, but it’s good to sit down and think: what do I want to use my balcony for? If the answer is only to relax, don’t be afraid to occupy the whole space with a work bench, a wicker bench or a large one. hammock. Also, remember that your balcony can be the extension of a room, keeping the same. floor coveringor putting a similar one, you will make those meters look like an extra and not a small unused space.

Ideas for small balconies

Balcony Hammock

Don’t underestimate the power of your railing.

Railings can give a lot of play on a small balcony. Maybe if it’s extremely small, you don’t have enough room to set a table, but what if that table can be grasped directly to the railing? Yes, there are small tables that rest on the railing and allow you an extra surface for breakfast, lunch or even to move the office to the balcony on the sunniest days.

Balcony railing table

Balcony railing table

A balcony for sportsmen and women

Why not? If you are a yoga lover or just want to do push-ups and sit-ups in the mornings, breathing outside air, you can conditioning your little balcony for that. In this case, pallet floors are welcome. Put up a mat and lie down, you don’t need too much space for that. In addition, if you complement it with plants, you will have a nice place to do your daily exercises.

Small balcony

Small balcony decoration

Take advantage of all the corners

The corners, those big forgotten ones. Sometimes we focus on wall-to-wall furniture, and get frustrated if it’s not too big. The corners can be very useful to take advantage of every millimeter of your balcony. Look for a corner shelf and place plants, candles, lanterns or anything you can think of.

Corner furniture for balcony

Corner unit in small balcony

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