7 ideas for decorating balconies or terraces – Interior and Exterior Decoration

It’s never a bad time to enjoy the terrace or the balcony from home. For that reason, it is convenient to have this space always arranged and ready for it. You’re really lucky because you have an outer space, which is a big advantage, but do you know how to make the most of it? That’s what we want to talk about today. Next we will give you 7 ideas to decorate balconies or terraces.

7 ideas to decorate balconies and terraces

Obviously, space will be decisive. However, if you have a very small terrace or balcony, all you have to do is choose which of these proposals will help you make the most of your square metres.

Plants to decorate balconies or terraces

All terraces and balconies must always have plants. These give joy and life to your exteriors. There’s nothing more pleasant than relaxing in a garden, always tailored to your needs. If you don’t have a lot of space, placing several pots will be enough. We don’t want you to saturate your balcony or terrace, that’s for sure, but there are always solutions. Vines that climb up the walls or beautiful wicker capable of placing daisies. In any case, it is always convenient to get to know what they are. the best plants for terraces.

Plants on the terrace

Terrace with many plants

A small orchard

If you have enough space, think about placing a urban garden. It is proven that gardening relaxes, as well as working on your own food, plus nothing knows better than making a salad with your tomatoes. A very interesting option is to use the walls to create vertical orchards. They take up less space and still look great outdoors. And if you want something even smaller, choose the orchards of aromatic plants.

Urban garden on the balcony

Urban orchard

Outdoor dining area

You don’t need much, a table and chairs. Also, if you’re worried about meters, there’s extremely small furniture on the market. Tables that are just to the balcony railings and chairs or benches that can be folded at any given time, being kept in a corner. If you have space, let your imagination run wild. Set up a table and chairs forge and give it a romantic touch, an excellent alternative to decorate balconies.

Outdoor dining room on balcony

Dining area on the balcony

Small balcony table and chairs

Area to relax

You may have to choose between a place to eat comfortably or to relax. This second option isn’t so bad either. A small corner of furniture a little lower to be able to lie down and enjoy reading a good book.

Relaxation area on the terrace

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