Decoration with fabrics in gardens and terraces – Interior and exterior decoration

Warm temperatures are maintained and it is in these moments that the courtyard, lawn o terrace become your great allies, not only as a social epicenter to spend a fantastic time with friends but also to relax; so pay attention and decorate your patio is fundamental to make it a cozy and perfect place for your activities. If you want to make a difference, try use a few metres of fabricso that you can turn your backyard into a charming place.

Something as simple as a few curtains in contrasting colours can transform your terrace or patio into a small sanctuary to relax and even have a romantic meal. If you know how to combine different fabrics and accessories you can create a fresh and modern atmosphere or one with airs decidedly. easternYou have to put a lot of cushions and warm colored fabrics. Don’t forget the low tables, stools, candles and lamps. If you’re in the mood for one. embellishment more contemporaryThen it uses a more solid and defined color palette, two neutral tones and a more vivid one, in addition to limiting the amount of accessories.

Use bright, colorful fabric to create beautiful accents such as matching tablecloths, curtains and pillows. Or you can use two fabric colors with a pattern to highlight the classic style. The white curtains can give a sense of elegance and luxury. You can hang an exquisite baldachin in some quiet corner of your lawn to protect you from the sun and the wind. In the same way, you can make a small canopy on the table so you’re not affected by sunlight during a meal.

For more open spaces, such as a romantic picnic in the middle of the courtyard, you can place a awning made of some coloured fabric on a blanket and some cushions. With a few metres of fabric and a little imagination you can make your open spaces a perfect place to enjoy the season.

Images: Design-remont

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