The best kitchen robots

Kitchen robot


Kitchen robots allow you to save time and work without dispensing with rich and healthy recipes.

Buying a food processor is a significant financial outlay, hence the need to take a good look at its features before buying.

Functions. The more I have, the more dishes you can cook. They’re all usually crushed, fried, steamed, kneaded… The new Thermomix TM6 incorporates two very interesting features: slow cooking and vacuum cooking.

Size of the glass. Take into account their capacity and your needs. There are models from 1.5 litres to 5 litres. Make your calculations taking into account that from a 2.2 litre glass, there is food for 2-4 people.

Potency. It is advisable to have at least 1000 W. A lower one will allow us to beat or chop, but it will not be enough, for example, to knead bread.

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New version


549 €

Moulinex i-Companion XL with 3 litre capacity and Bluetooth control.

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The most recognized robot


1.259 €

The best known robot in Spain is Thermomix, from Vorwerk. The marketing in our country began in 1978 with the model 2200. From the continuous improvements of its performance and design, are the following models until launching this year the TM6.

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With Internet connection


849,90 €

Does any model include wifi? Yes. Your Internet connection syncs it with mobile devices and extends its functionality.” Robot Mycook Touchfrom Taurus. On

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With ceramic tile bowl


129,99 €

How do you maintain the ideal temperature? Some models have a ceramic coating bowl that diffuses the heat more and better.” Robot Multicook ProTefal’s. On

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4.5 litre capacity


479 €

Do they allow cooking for the whole family? Yes, a 4.5 litre capacity makes it possible to prepare recipes for six people.” CuisineCompanionfrom Moulinex. On

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Moulinex Cookeo Robot


364,11 €

Interactive digital plant with security lock and high pressure technology. Cookeo + Connect kitchen robot, with connection to application via Bluetooth.

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With hermetic seal


105 €

Does it save energy? Yes, some models, being hermetically sealed, use their own pressure to cook. Electric cooker 5527from Jocca.

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Multifunctional robot


252,45 €

MultiOnefrom Kenwood (from 330 euros).

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For the baby


89,59 €

The Suavinex Kitchen Robot steams in just 13 minutes and grinds up to 600 grams. It sterilizes small accessories. Defrosts and heats food evenly. Vacuum packs portions of up to 300 grams. At

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