Molds for making homemade ice cream for children

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Poles with marine forms

Pour different colored juices into each mold. This way, when they freeze, you will have whales, sharks and puffer fish of different tones and flavours.

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Zoku Pop Mold-Moule à Glace Espace

The bold diver has yet to realize that a funny octopus is following him. With these moulds, your children can imagine a thousand and one stories as they savour their ice cream.

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Stackable ice cream moulds


16,95 €

The easiest to fill in and remove.

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2L Ice Cream Maker


57,99 €

Do you dare to prepare sweet and refreshing recipes? In this fridge you will find it very easy.

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Ice cream cup


6,43 €

For those with a sweet tooth, this maxi ice cream cup will allow them to taste up to three different varieties at the same time.

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Silicone moulds for callippo type ice cream


10,95 €

Only your ice cream will be homemade, and you will be able to reuse the container as many times as the ice cream experts at home ask you to.

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Fruit-shaped ice cream moulds


16,95 €

So there will be no doubt about the taste of each ice cream. At a glance, choose the fruit you want most.

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Ice cream spoon

Kitchen Craft

5,71 €

It’s easier than you think! With this non-stick spoon you won’t waste any of the ice cream you serve.

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Ice-cream cake mould


24,51 €

If you prefer to make a frozen cake, this detachable mould makes it easy to move to the source without danger of losing its shape.

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Ice cream bar mould


29,90 €

And if you’re into traditional sandwich ice cream blocks with cookies, this is your mold.

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Set of 6 ice cream cups


14,77 €

Assign each diner a colored glass. That way, when you serve the ice cream there will be no misunderstandings and no one will devour a ball that doesn’t belong to them.

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Aluminium siphon


30,90 €

Put a creative end to your homemade ice cream with this siphon. Fill it with cream or syrup and draw faces, spirals or shapes worthy of a great chef.

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Ice cream cups


The wafer should not be missing, at least from an aesthetic point of view. These colored cups reproduce the shape of typical ice cream wafers.

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Snack, two or three poles


24,00 €

If your child spends hours in front of his or her milk bowl, change the presentation to make it more appealing. Prepare a milkshake and pour its contents into these polo shaped moulds. He’ll love them, and he’ll drink the milk at the park or while you’re out for a walk.

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Animal-shaped moulds


Penguins, bears and snowmen are now edible. Make yours a delicious homemade ice cream in unexpected shapes. You’ll see what a success!

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Mould for ice cream with tropical shapes


For those who dream of an expedition to the Caribbean.

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You’re so scratchy!


17,90 €

That’s why these ice-cream moulds fit you like a glove. Who said you don’t like fish?

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Ice cream maker with dispenser


The 2 x 1 most fun to make your ice cream and serve it to you.

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