Recycling bins and containers

Organic waste, plastic, paper and cardboard, glass… Each in its own bucket. And where do I put them? We give you ideas to choose the best containers for your kitchen. Recycle!


Several buckets on a rail that allow you to easily remove them. It is a perfect system to place in the low furniture of 60 cm depth. Each of the cubes is removable so that you can take them directly to the street container and pour in, for example, the glass or paper. It is a system from Brabantia.

Attached to the door

The buckets follow the movement of the furniture door and “come out” so that you can dump the waste comfortably.

Buy it here 55,96 € on

He’s from Brabantia.

In column

If you get a stackable container you can organize a bucket for each type of waste in column. This design with a front opening lid makes your job easier.

Buy it here

7 € at IKEA.

Place a sign or sticker on the front with the type of waste you will take in and there will be no room for mistakes when it comes to recycling.


Detail of this double model, practical for the waste you generate most in the kitchen. Each with its own bag and cover to avoid odours. From Brabantia.

What capacity?

Different sizes. Think about how much waste you generate of each type and choose the size of the bucket in your function.

Buy it here 7/bucket at IKEA.

Keep in mind that glass jars and bottles take up a lot of space. Plastics can be folded and paper and cardboard can be folded. Organic waste also needs a lot of space. System, from Ikea.

Fitted in the drawer

If you have a large drawer, you can fit the buckets inside it. You don’t need to fix them, just adapt them to the space. Photo, from Ikea.

On the wall

Single file so that no waste is left without its bucket.

Buy them here 24,49 €

Wall containers, from Brabantia.

When choosing the bucket, take into account both its opening system and the capacity of the containers, depending on the members of the family, for example.

The most chic

That’s nice. Not for all the waste, maybe for the organic ones, more by hand, a designer bucket. With a pedal for easy opening.

This model has a straight side, which is attached to the wall or the side of the furniture.

Buy it here 185 €

FlatBack is from Brabantia.

With three compartments

With three compartments. Each one with its own lid and in one colour. Poly is sold at Howards Storage World.


Plastic and pedal operated. Several containers in the same bucket and under the same lid.

Buy it here 21,95 €

It’s sold at Leroy Merlin.

Three in One

And with independent pedals to open only the container you are interested in at any given time.

Buy it here 82,99 €

This metal bucket has three compartments, each identified on the pedal by a colour. It is sold at

Opens with one finger

If you have plenty of space and want to show off your dustbin (it’s possible with a design this nice!), Flipbin is your bucket.

Buy it here 99 €

It’s from the Brabantia firm. This model opens with just a light touch of a finger.

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