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The kitchen as a place of comfort, design and functionality.

The islands are perfect for kitchens integrated into the living room, and you can enjoy them even in minimal spaces. We show you options to inspire you and make good choices.

A fun and colorful kitchen

Stone countertop. It can be granite, marble or even ceramic. These classic materials are clean, timeless and easy to maintain. In addition, they can withstand hot pots and pans without any problem.

Lined with tiles. Stamped ceramic pieces line the back of the island and coordinate beautifully with the grey shade of the island’s countertop. Very rustic.

Suspended structure. A metal support has been placed to allow hanging pots, kitchen utensils, etc. from it. This way they can be kept at hand when needed.

Linked to the salon

Well integrated. The islands are perfect in open kitchens. In addition to their practical function, they serve as a connection to the dining room (in the picture) or the living room.

With storage space. The cabinets with drawers under the island’s worktop have a double function. They are super practical pieces of furniture.

White light instead of warm. It is recommended to put white or cold tone bulbs on the work surface. This is the most suitable type of lighting for work that requires concentration, and food looks much better with it.

With a neo-rustic air

Bar. If you don’t have much space in the kitchen, but you want an island, don’t choose a model that is too small. Ideally, it should not be less than 100 cm wide and 60 cm deep, in order to work comfortably.

Space around. You should leave a corridor of about 90 cm distance to the cabinets so that you can open doors, drawers and appliances easily.

Metal worktop. Made of aluminium or imitating a zinc model: the bar looks beautiful with this finish. Illuminate it with a lamp with a shade, so as not to produce reflections and brightness.

Elegant finishes

Wooden lining. The island combines a very modern material on the worktop with a more classic one for the sides. The dark wood planks coordinate with the floor.

Row lamps illuminate the different areas of the kitchen: the two plates -vitro and with traditional burners-, and the eating area. They should be at a height of between 75-90 cm from the work surface.

Diamond tile front. Only the wall of the cabinets has been covered to avoid splashing and to differentiate this area. The small, diamond-shaped pieces provide dynamism.



Stool with wooden handle seat, £79.99, at Maisons du Monde.



Armchair with corduroy seat and wooden structure, Lenou254 , La Redoute Interieurs



Toaster, 1950s style, in sky blue. With different functions, by Smeg, 132.67 euros on



1.5 litre tureen with lid, 45 euros, by Bordallo Pinheiro.

Knife holder


Knife block, Marcus21.95, at home.

Wooden organizers


Bamboo wood organizers, from 5,95 ?, for sale at home.

Spice rack set


Glass spice rack set with wooden base, £17.99; Zara Home.

Dessert fountain


Glass dessert dish with lid, 35.99 euros, at Zara Home.

Kitchen faucet


Kitchen faucet with removable handle. Mod. IN 939, of Teak. 154, on Ebay.

Melamine plate


Melamine plate with dragonflies, 9.33, by Sophie Allport.

Hooked rail


Rail with hooks and tablet holder, model Kungsfors, 14, from Ikea.

Ceramic cups


Coloured ceramic cups with polka-dot pattern, by GreenGate, 13.90 ? per cup, in Trouva.

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