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At this point in the pandemic, teleworking is already part of our lifestyle. Those who can practice their profession from the comfort of home, have had to acquire desktops, laptops, desks, ergonomic chairs and all kinds of accessories to facilitate their tasks. However, teleworking also has another advantage: that you can do it from anywhere in the world. You may decide to spend time in a country house with Wi-Fi connection, or you may prefer to choose a destination on the coast. Either way, you will need these gadgets technological by your side.

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A backpack with solar panel

If you have nomadic tendencies, this backpack with integrated solar panel will change your lifestyle forever. How does it work? Very simple, the panel takes advantage of solar energy to produce current and be able to have your devices always full of battery and in a totally safe way.

Plus, it’s sleek, anti-theft design with state-of-the-art USB, perfect for everyday carry.

TO BUY € 135 at Rik & Me.

Apple AirPods

The most famous wireless headphones of the moment will make all kinds of tasks easier for you. From calling your bosses to participating in conferences on-line with the best sound quality. You can also use them to listen to your favorite music when you go for a walk after work.

TO BUY € 179 – € 229 on Amazon.

A tablet with keyboard and mouse

Lighter and more compact than a laptop, but just as functional when it comes to telecommuting. So is this tablet It comes in a pack with keyboard and mouse, perfect to put in your backpack.

TO BUY € 118.98 on Amazon.

An external hard drive

If you are used to keeping all your important documents (be they invoices, files or photographs) on your computer, listen to us and buy an external hard drive as soon as possible. In this way, you will always have a backup in case you accidentally delete anything or if your computer crashes.


€ 61 – € 66.81 on Amazon.

An ergonomic mouse

Does your hand hurt from the mouse? Maybe it’s time to get an ergonomic mouse that conforms to the shape of your hand. At first it will take some getting used to, but in the long run the pain will go away and you will no longer want to work with another mouse.


€ 51.99 on Amazon.

A portable USB charger

A portable USB charger is ideal for filling the battery of your smartphone, tablet or portable when you do not have plugs around you, for example, in the middle of the field or on the beach! 😜


€ 16.99 – € 28.99 on Amazon.

A Wi-Fi repeater

Whether you work at home or are used to traveling with your laptop, a Wi-Fi repeater will always guarantee the best connection. Imagine you rent an Airbnb where the Wi-Fi barely reaches the terrace, what a chore, right? With this extender you will solve it.


€ 15.99 – € 22.95 on Amazon.

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