How to organize the pantry well

A tidy pantry makes day-to-day life easier, prevents products from expiring and thus saves money. Empty and group in piles, check and throw away everything that is expired or in bad condition. Group by category: breakfast, snacks, pasta, preserves… and finally, make an inventory.


Get rid of as much packaging as you can, so things will fit more easily. Put the old in front and the new behind. Have two packs per product and when you start the second one, you’ll know what to replace. Put in boxes the things that are too small to be located, and the bulkiest and heaviest things, like carafes or bottles, at the bottom.

Take advantage of the gaps

Do you have very little space? You have to make the most of the closets you have.

ikea organizers pantry

Use shelves additional or clip, like this one. They will allow you to store at different heights and use all the spaces. Put what you use most in the middle, what you use least in the top, and what weighs the most, below.

Invest in storage containers the pasta, the rice or the cookies. Do not keep the packages open, they will keep better and longer in the jars. Try to keep them from the same Model and of various sizes so that you can pile them up.

Divide and conquer

If you run out of closet space, move to the drawers.

pantry organizers for the kitchen drawers


Put separators y organizers, and don’t forget the pull-out drawers with handles. In addition to being practical, you’ll avoid tipping over, remove items from above and get an overview.

kitchen pantry

Organisation system in the IKEA kitchen.


Grouping by food

Separate the products by categories to know at a glance what you have and what you need.

pantry with wooden shelf

Ambiente, by Kitchen Craft.

Kitchen Craft

Use wooden boxes o baskets breathable for vegetables and fruits, and bags of sacking, to store onions, potatoes or garlic.

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