Glass doors, elegant and modern, give light to the rooms

The glass doors they are increasingly popular, in fact they are requested not only in private homes but also in offices and commercial spaces. They give an idea of ​​lightness and greater breath, freeing even the smallest rooms from a sense of oppression.
There are numerous types of glass doors, for design, material, decoration, structure and hardware.

Here is a guide in which we summarize the main characteristics of glass doors and some models on the market.

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    • 1.2 Sliding glass doors
  • 2 Modern
  • 3 Classic glass doors
  • 4 Satin
  • 5 Internal aluminum and glass doors
  • 6 Colored
  • 7 Prices
  • 8 Recommended manufacturers and models

    • 8.1 Garofoli
    • 8.2 Bortoletto the window and door studio
    • 8.3 Italian Doors
    • 8.4 Leroy Merlin
  • 9 Other insights for the choice of the doors of the house

All types

As with any type of door, glass doors can also have different types of opening. Here are the main ones.

Hinged glass doors

This is the simplest solution to implement also from the point of view of implementation. The hinged doors, being made of glass, are always and in any case thin and light despite the bulk they create with their opening radius inside the premises.

Sliding glass doors

The best choice for those who want to optimize space and focus on greater brightness especially for those environments with reduced dimensions. This type of door necessarily requires a masonry intervention to create a box to be walled into the wall.

Sliding glass doors

The intervention, on the other hand, must not be carried out in the case of sliding doors outside the wall which instead require the presence of an external track to be hooked to the wall and the absence of architraves and jambs.


Certainly the glass doors rhymes with modern, minimalist and very linear environments.

Classic glass doors

However, the choice of a glass door cannot be totally excluded in a classic context. In fact, there are solutions in which the wooden door is crossed by cuts of light or by portions of safety glass sheets, satin or transparent. The presence of essences in the finishes gives a touch of warmth and elegance.


Glass doors can also be used in cases where, for privacy reasons, it is necessary to avoid excessive introspection between one environment and another.

The solutions in these cases are the use of:

  • sandblasted glass, obtained through a mechanical process based on the use of sand to make the sheet opaque and rough
  • frosted glass, also called etched, it is smooth and uniform in the finish and almost velvety to the touch

Internal aluminum and glass doors

Here is a furnishing proposal with a high design content. A door of this kind arises from the skilful combination of light and thin metal profiles and the brilliance of the crystal panels.


On Building Fashion there are several examples of colored glass doors, to choose from in several variations. This is the case with models

  • Zefira
  • Enalois
  • Fly Color
  • Fragments

building fashion brings Zefira

All for sale at the price of 1123.00 euros per square meter


The prices of glass doors depend on various factors:

  • the type and type of glass
  • the type of finish that completes them
  • the type of opening
  • the dimension
  • any decorations and various customizations

The type of track used for a sliding door and, last but not least, the manufacturer also affects costs.

Recommended manufacturers and models

Let’s see some examples of manufacturers of this type of doors to understand their operation and their technical and aesthetic characteristics.


For a chic and glamorous solution, the models proposed by Garofoli are the ideal solution with a wide choice of many types of transparencies and decorations.

glass doors by garofoli

Here is the selection in the catalog:

  • doors with glass sections
  • glass with aluminum profiles
  • all glass
  • special doors


Let us then dwell on the Total Biglass version of the Bisystem collection. A glass door with a decentralized pivot hinge that allows opening from both sides.

The door frame is inserted into the walls and ceiling so that it is not visible when the door is closed. Total Biglass can also be made in oversize dimensions, up to 1400 mm in width and up to 3000 mm in height!

Each door model can obviously be customized and subjected to various types of decorations. In the “Glass emotions” section of the catalog, you can choose between various solutions such as

  • 3D decorations
  • metal nets
  • engravings and etching
  • super reflective mirrors

Bortoletto the window and door studio

This other manufacturing company offers:

  • custom glass doors
  • hinged or sliding
  • with exposed or hidden jamb
  • wide range of finishes, glass and decorations

The Bortoletto collections are:

  • Vitra: minimal line where glass is the absolute protagonist. It fully represents the aesthetic essentiality of the all-glass door system designed by Henry glass. It includes glass doors with perimeter polished edge that enhances the lightness and cleanliness of the glass
  • New Sinea: collection of glass doors with a thin side profile that enhances the essential and contemporary character. Various finishes of accessories and profiles are available to offer different aesthetically but stylistically coherent solutions
  • Tekna: sliding glass doors where the presence of profiles / handles that characterize the collection is relevant, enhancing the purity of the glass and the material dimension of the shapes
  • Manhattan: sliding glass doors framed and made to measure. Fully customizable thanks to an infinite number of possible combinations for glass and decorations
  • Adela: ideal collection for a minimal and completely customizable solution. Possible choice between exposed or hidden jamb


Henry glass doors are fully customizable with accessories:

  • functional
  • of design
  • minimal, like the flush handles

Italian doors

Let’s now see some door models available on Italian Doors which, in addition to offering totally customizable solutions, offer the convenience of buying online with home delivery.

  • Sliding glass door outside the wall with transparent lines. 179.00 euros
  • External satin sliding doors with sandblasted design chosen from those offered for sale at 313.00 euros
  • Disappearing glass door sliding inside the wall. RAL color of your choice. Custom sizes also available. Price 359.00 euros
  • Internal swing door in frosted glass or drawings. Measures 82 × 212 wall mounting. Price 371.00 euros.
  • Sliding doors in extra-clear glass for wall opening. Measurements 80/85 x 215. For sale at 465.00 euros

Leroy Merlin

Discreet range of glass doors also from Leroy Merlin. Here is our selection.

Sliding door with Athena external track

  • Sliding door with external track Athena in crystal. Kit 2 L 86 x H 215 cm. Also available in the smoked version. Price 289.80 euros.
  • Sliding door with external track Blossom in glass Kit Ermes. L 88 x H 215 cm. Price 639.90 euros.
  • Sliding door with external track Butterfly in glass. Lux kit L 88 x H 215 cm.

709.90 euros.

Other insights for the choice of the doors of the house

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