Guide to making a plasterboard wardrobe: prices and advantages

Let’s rediscover together the use of‘wardrobe in plasterboard as an element of furniture with the discovery of the advantages and disadvantages and an indication on prices. Also very common are built-in wardrobes made tailored in plasterboard and also the walk-in wardrobes, including corner ones, let’s discover them together.

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  • 7 Other types of wardrobe

A forgotten solution

Once upon a time the drywall it was considered as the panacea that could solve any problem related to the division of spaces.

Certainly the low cost and ease of processing make it a simple, immediate and easy material to insert into any home environment.

Here, inexplicably, the plasterboard then underwent a period of oblivion, during which the world of interior design looked to perhaps more stable and definitive solutions:

  • clearer like the tempered glass walls
  • more scenographic like the solutions of French windows, including internal ones.

Space Wardrobe in plasterboard: a practical solution

Making plasterboard wardrobe – pros and cons:

The drywall however, it seems to have discovered a new life, as its nature has greatly improved and whoever chooses to include it can count on qualities of resistance and better yieldthe.

Steps forward have also been made on the side of health, as the materials used to make it appear more healthy and positive compared to the past.

On this specific topic, I invite you to read our in-depth analysis: Plasterboard: prices and technical data sheet with pros and cons

Here, in the face of these improvements, the plasterboard wardrobe discovered a new life and propose how fast and resistant solutions for modern homes.

The reason is a little sought in the less abundance of spaces, which brings the inhabitants and obtain wardrobes from the basement, from the walls of the saline and also from unpredictable angles.

Ultimately, plasterboard lends itself in a spectacular way to covering these places, as its white base can be maintained as such, or colored and finished with the mural effect you most want.

L’indoor dhe drywall cabinets could be equipped as you prefer, then prearranged with shelves, doors and sticks that allow you to get a lot of space for clothes and accessories.

The tightness is, in fact, guaranteed and the high degree of healthiness achieved in our present, makes the material safe.

Plasterboard wardrobe: costs

And now we also come to the issue of costs.

The quality plasterboard it is not given as a gift, on the contrary, it is a very expensive material, which, however, as we have seen, is treated with healthy production cycles and therefore ensures a high level of well-being inside the home.

The price also depends a lot on the project and the finishes you will require

Limiting ourselves to the raw material we can say that it is certainly less expensive than wood and that as an average it is around the following values:

  • 9 euros + VAT and assembly for a 200 cm by 130 cm plasterboard sheet
  • they can also go up to 15 euros if special waterproofing is required, for example necessary if you have a house with humidity problems.

As always, the advice to ask for a quote that is clear and very detailed from the craftsman you have chosen.

Walk-in closet in plasterboard

The plasterboard cabinets they can even become true Wardrobe cabins if there is space available.

The ductility of the material allows to realize customized shoe racks, true complete wardrobes. It is possible to generate custom designed spaces that are purely dedicated to the reorganization of clothing.

Walk-in closet in plasterboard: technician at work for correct installation

Thanks to these features, theplasterboard wardrobe has been rediscovered as a contemporary piece of furniture:

  • skilled in respond to the space needs of the inhabitants,
  • easy to customize however you like
  • finally healthy in its structural composition.

Wall cabinet in plasterboard

As for the made-to-measure walk-in closet, by contacting a good designer you can also evaluate the possibility of having the built-in wardrobes made to measure for your home.

The plasterboard allows flexibility and costs lower than those you might have by making custom-made wooden built-in wardrobes for example.

Other uses of plasterboard

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Other types of wardrobe

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