Curtain rods: selection guide

It might seem like a minor complement, but i curtain rods they are actually a complement to be chosen with great caution. Both for the practical function that they are called to perform, and for the aesthetic result that must be well harmonized with the rest of the environment and with the curtain itself.

The same curtains they are an element that gives every home a sense of warmth and welcome, they are the element that makes a home truly complete. To this total scenographic effect, a decisive role is played precisely by the fixing, opening and closing mechanisms of the curtain.

From this it follows that the choice of curtain rods is a fundamental moment that must not be done superficially.

The curtain rod market is multifaceted and varied and multifaceted.

In fact, on the market it is possible to choose from an infinite number of different models, types, colors and materials.

Here is an article in which we will review the various parameters to consider to guide you in the right choice that is right for you.

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  • 2 Curtain rods: types and types of installation
  • 3 Curtain rods: shape
  • 4 Curtain rods: size

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    • 4.2 Length
  • 5 Material
  • 6 Fixed curtain rods
  • 7 Curtain rods with track
  • 8 Double track curtain rods
  • 9 Glass curtain rods
  • 10 Wrought iron curtain rods
  • 11 Wooden curtain rods
  • 12 Metal curtain rods
  • 13 Accessories and mounts
  • 14 Amazon curtain rods
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Curtain rods: how to choose

Once considered simple supports, today curtain rods have become real furnishing accessories. Their choice must therefore be reasoned and well thought out taking into consideration the effect to be obtained and the style of the environment in which they will fit. There are several parameters to consider, from the more practical ones such as shape and length, to those of a purely aesthetic nature, such as material and any various accessories.

The combination of rod and curtains is not an easy choice. The basic parameters to be taken into account are:

  • the type of tent
  • the style of the environment
  • personal taste

For more homes modern, for example, we suggest cold materials such as aluminum, chrome or satin; sticks in painted metal alloys go well with the urban-metropolitan style, while those in wood are ideal for a classical context and traditional.

Curtain rods: types and types of installation

The curtain rods and rails are divided into 3 main types:

  • fixed for curtains with rings
  • with ceiling rail
  • rod for glass curtains

The first factor to consider is the location where the sticks will need to be installed. In fact, there are various types of laying:

  • on the wall, the most common type of installation, where the rod is fixed approximately 15 cm above the window
  • ceiling, indicated when the space between the top of the window and the ceiling is small
  • between two walls: in the event that the window opens between a compartment or between 2 walls, the rod must be fixed directly on these walls using niche supports
  • glass: in the case of an atypical opening or if you want to place the curtain rod in the middle of the window. In this case, suction cup fixing supports must be used

Curtain rods: shape

The function of the curtain rods is to facilitate the sliding of the fabric for opening and closing them. We can distinguish between:

  • round stick, designed to accommodate ring curtains, guarantees maximum smoothness
  • rectangular: guide or rail
  • telescopic, which gives the possibility to hang the fabrics directly on the window using practical hooks. Ideal solution for those with limited space

Curtain rods: size


The diameter of the curtain rod must basically depend on the weight of the curtains it will support:

  • minimum diameter (16-20 mm), suitable for light curtains
  • larger diameter (28-35mm), ideal for heavy blackout curtains


The length of the sticks varies according to the location and the type of installation:

  • wall or ceiling installation: add about 15-20 cm for each side of the window so that the rod slightly exceeds
  • laying between two walls: the stick must have a length equal to the distance between the two walls, excluding the space occupied by the two supports (about 1 cm)
  • laying on the glass: the length of the stick must coincide with that of the door
  • rod to be applied on the door: consider the dimensions from the fixing point to the edge of the door


The choice of material basically depends on the type of curtain fabric, the style of the room and the characteristics of the furniture. In a classic room, a wooden or brass stick is perfect, perhaps embellished with a decorative end piece.

For more rustic environments, the best choice can be a wrought iron stick. On the other hand, aluminum and brushed steel are perfect in environments with a modern and contemporary character.

Fixed curtain rods

This category includes all the sticks that are fixed to the wall or ceiling. They are called “fixed” because once nailed it is very difficult to move them.

This is the most used system. Its structure is composed of a fixed or telescopic rod (with a diameter between 1.2 – 3.5 cm) and 2 elements that allow it to be anchored to the wall.

Assembly is simple and very quick.

If you want to get a pair of overlapping curtains, just mount a double track. In this case, a very pleasant and neat aesthetic effect is obtained.

Curtain rods with track

These are extremely modern accessories, in which the absolute protagonist remains the curtain. No rings, no hooks… Any small mechanism that allows you to move the curtain remains perfectly hidden.

The curtain opens and closes by making it slide inside the rod in a special track, which can run along its entire length. System a little more complicated to install. The rail is placed on the ceiling and disappears under the curtain. Sliding curtain rods are ideal for light and essential curtains.

To disassemble the curtains, the system is a little more complicated than the curtains attached to the rings.

Double track curtain rods

This solution, which requires multi-track poles, should be combined with more innovative curtains, such as the panel curtains, each of which is mounted on a special track, which in turn will occupy its own space when opening.

During the closing phase, however, the panels will be completely overlapped.

Multi-track sticks are thicker and logically heavier. The suffixes for wall or ceiling installation are more numerous in order to support the weight of the different panels.

Glass curtain rods

They are small rods made mainly of aluminum. They are applied directly to the window thanks to the lateral springs. Lightweight and economical, they fit perfectly into any fixture. They are perfect for those with space problems.

Wrought iron curtain rods

Wrought iron sticks are typical of one country-rustic furnishing style, vintage is shabby-chic. Entirely made of wrought iron, they are generally in dark colors, from green to gray to black.

At the ends of the stick there are usually some frills that give a touch of refinement. They are light and resistant to wear over time.

Online you can find very cheap models up to the most impressive and important ones that cost a few hundred euros.

Wooden curtain rods

Massive, and at the same time light enough not to “weigh down” the walls of the house, they are the obligatory choice for a classic style house.

They can be glossy or opaque, long or short, light or dark… Among the most popular types of wood: white, natural, elm, teak, walnut, oak and cherry. Better to choose the essence that best recalls the color of doors is fixtures.

The white wood variant also looks good in a stylistic context modern, in environments from Scandinavian style, and also in those with a romantic and a little vintage air.

At Leroy Merlin you will find:

  • Florence curtain rod in wood Ø28mm. In varnished bleached and gilded oak. Length 250 cm.

16.99 euro / pc

  • Errebi wooden curtain rod Ø28mm. Natural sand color. Length 200 cm.

13.83 euro / pc

Metal curtain rods

The optimal choice for modern and contemporary homes. Among the most requested materials, nickel, steel, aluminum … All these materials are:

  • elegant and cared for in all details
  • very light: they can be applied both to the wall and to the ceiling
  • resistant to atmospheric agents and high temperatures

The metal curtain rods are accessories that represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

In a contemporary setting, chrome or satin steel is recommended; the painted metal, black, white or bronze, fits perfectly with the new ones industrial trends.

In rustic contexts you are not forced to give up metal, just opt ​​for colors such as burnished gold, bronze, rust and all the antique finishes.

For sale by Leroy Merlin:

  • Stelvio curtain rod in metal Ø16mm, satin gray, length 200 cm. 9.99 euro / pc
  • Clouds metal curtain rod Ø20mm, matt black, length 160cm. INSPIRE € 8.99 / pcs

Accessories and supports

Once you have chosen the curtain rods that best suit your needs, you must finally choose the supports for fixing to the wall or ceiling, and the 2 ends to be affixed to the ends of the rod to complete the aesthetic effect.

Let’s see specifically …


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