All about Ikea foldaway beds: our selection

Special Ikea foldaway beds. In modern homes, one of the main problems is the space which is less and less. Every square meter must therefore be exploited in an ingenious way to better live.

One of the most classic methods to optimize spaces is manage the beds well, in particular the beds that are not used daily but only on the occasion of the arrival of the guests.

THE beds concealed Ikea I’m a’excellent space-saving solution. The structure, thanks to specific mechanisms, can be raised and placed on the wall or hidden inside particular furnishing systems such as wardrobes, sofas or chests of drawers.

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    • 5.2 Friheten
    • 5.3 Asarum
    • 5.4 Hemnes
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    • 5.6 Ikea Flekke foldaway beds
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  • 6 Other tips for your bed

Foldaway beds: where they are used

It is a perfect bed type for the small residential contexts, such as i studios. It can also be the ideal solution for guests, since it represents an extra bed which, when not needed, remains hidden.

Foldaway beds: how they work

The mobile structure, rising or moving, disappears alongside the wall or fits inside a piece of furniture. The most common case is the sofa.

With the passage of time, the mechanism of operation of the foldaway beds it got easier and simpler.

Foldaway beds: safety

They are generally equipped with safety systems that prevent accidental opening.


The structures of the foldaway beds can be made in:

  • metal
  • wood
  • with drugs orthopedic

Ikea foldaway beds: tips for choosing

We have said that the most common type of foldaway beds are the sofa beds: comfortable sofas for the day and soft beds to rest at night. Some models also have a built-in container to keep blankets and tidy bed sheets.

Let’s see some tips for choose the sofa bed best suited to your needs.

Size and space

In addition to the size of the bed and sofa, it should be borne in mind that the opening mechanism to transform the sofa into a bed requires some extra space in front of the sofa, or in any case a space that can be easily freed.

Softness and comfort

If the bed function is not used occasionally for guests, but is your usual bed, comfort is essential.

Therefore, carefully evaluate the mattress: level of stiffness, softness and support.

Ikea foldaway beds: our selection

Let’s now review some of the types proposed by Ikea.


Camp bed 80 × 190 cm. An extra bed for guests. Lightweight and easy to store when not needed.
45.00 euros.


Corner sofa bed with container, dark gray color.

Easy to assemble, it has an integrated storage compartment, easy to reach, to keep bed linen, pajamas and the book at hand.
399.00 euros


And now here is this gray 3 seater sofa bed.
The price is 199.00 euros.


Sofa, single bed, double bed and storage unit all rolled into one.

White with 3 integrated drawers. It is perfect for small spaces and can be coordinated with the other furniture of the Hemnes series.
The cost is € 299.00. The version with 2 mattresses instead costs € 419.00


Sofa by day and single or double bed at night. White, 80 x 200 cm.

Equipped with two large drawers that offer plenty of space to keep duvets, pillows and sheets close at hand.
199.00 euros. The double version 319.00 euros

Ikea foldaway beds Flekke

Semi-rigid sofa bed 80 x 200 cm.

White and with 2 spacious drawers for storing bed linen.
249.00 euros. The double version 369.00 euros


Stackable bed in pine. 80 x 200 cm.

When you stack them, the 2 beds turn into a single bed or a sofa. When they are not stacked, they allow you to get a double bed, a corner sofa or two beds for guests.

The cost is € 139.00 for 2 pieces.


It is a sofa bed structure. Black size 80 x 200 cm.

Usable as chaise-longue, single bed or, by lifting and extracting the base, as a double bed.
169.00 euros. With 2 mattresses € 289.00


And finally this model of Sofa bed with 2 mattresses.

Available in dark blue / rigid Moshult measuring 90 x 200 cm.
It costs 339.00 euros

More tips for your bed

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