A renovated kitchen with very little money

More than a decade ago the instagramer Tamara Nieto Rodriguez -@lacasitademara- reformed the kitchen of her house. “It was a newly built house and had a standard-sized kitchen, but I wanted a big one. Since the apartment was going to have four rooms, I was able to make some changes off plan and sacrificed a room to add to it,” she explains.

Tamara Nieto RodriguezTamara Nieto Rodriguez: Kitchen before and after

Tamara Nieto Rodriguez

Javier Gavill

In addition to enlarging it and having a large space for cooking and eating, the owner decorated it in red, a trendy shade at that time. “I always liked this color, and despite being so intense, my kitchen was big and very bright, so it didn’t produce a feeling of oppression. I still have my style, but after all this time I wanted to renew it. The kitchen is well cared for, with Silestone furniture and worktop in perfect condition, so I decided to make a big
transformation, without investing a lot of money. A change low cost.”

The kitchen before

Cooking before and after: Before in red

Javier Gavill

Although it remained impeccable, this 2004 kitchen needed to update its look. The color red, very powerful and striking, was in fashion in those years, but today it is quite invasive.

These are the steps that have been taken.

Tiles on tiles. The front of the entire kitchen was covered with small pieces of Silestone in three shades. To avoid building work or chopping up the walls, the tiles were laid directly on the old coating, something that could be done thanks to a product called “bonding bridge”, which improves adhesion on this type of surface.

Vinyl. The furniture was covered with self-adhesive vinylic paper, an economic resource. This material is cleaned well and simply placed on the clean surfaces. When it is damaged, it is lifted and can be replaced.

New pantry. In this area, the doors, which had opaque glass, were removed, as were the shelves, and natural wood panels stained by the owners. The pantry now offers more prominence and it shows off crockery, utensils… An element with a decorative and practical value.

Kitchen before and after: A green and white kitchen

Courtesy of La Casita de Mara

The layout, furniture and appliances are still the same, but the kitchen has won with the change: it looks more tidy, more modern and much warmer. Outstanding!

Kitchen before and after: Electrical appliances

Courtesy of La Casita de Mara

The appliances – with a steel finish – integrate perfectly into the whole and harmonise with the blue colour and the worktop, made of Silestone.

The dining room before…

Kitchen before and after: The dining room before

Courtesy of La Casita de Mara

… And the dining room after

Kitchen before and after: Dining area

Javier Gavill

In the dining room, the furniture was changed to chairs in the style vintage and for an antique wooden table, bought at an antique shop. It was indigo in colour and the owner restored it by stripping and staining it.

kitchen before and after pantry area

Courtesy of La Casita de Mara

The pantry area was left half-open and the shelves were stained in a wood tone. Now it is not only a storage unit, but also a display for the dishes.

Decorative Keys

Subway tiles. These small tiles, which in this case have a marble effect, remain a luxury. The floor has been paved with vinyl tiles, a material that has suffered and is easy to maintain, imitating wood.

Blue-grey colour. This tone accentuates the light and provides a feeling of cleanliness. It combines very well with the chromed steel finishes, the wood tone, the white…

Complements and plants. Lamps and wall lights, handles, and taps were replaced with new designs. And many plants and decorative details were included, in the style vintagewhich bring a fresh and romantic air.


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