Keys to undertake the necessary reforms at home

Reforming housing means improving the quality of life; is not a whim, but a necessity. The recent experience of living at home 24/7 because of the health crisis has opened our eyes. Detecting the deficiencies and problems of each home has been easy. Lack of light, noise pollution from outside, noise from neighbours, inadequate interior temperature, humidity, dark and uncomfortable kitchens and outdated bathrooms are just a few. In the face of this, the reforms propose solutions. What are they?

1 Change the distribution to achieve more luminosity and functionality.
2 Conditioning of terraces and balconies. They have a lot of possibilities!
3 Gaining space and create a work corner in it.
4 Bring the kitchen close to the living room or integrate it into it and get an open space that gives the feeling of being in a bigger house.
5 Redesigning the house to make it efficient with lighting, air conditioning and home automation systems.
6 Isolate better: you will achieve greater thermal and acoustic comfort and save energy.


Relying on a specialized company that gives you confidence is basic and also to fix in writing critical points such as the time of execution or the cleaning at the end of the reform.

To get off on the right foot, the first step would be to ask for estimates. However, as Albert Jané, architect and technical director of Aquí tu Reforma, warns, “a common mistake is to try to compare two or three renovation companies with budgets that are not the same. There are professionals who present theirs very clearly and explain to the client why each of the items, but there are others who are not very precise and complicated to understand, with several indeterminations. Sometimes,” he continues, “we had to help the client study the estimates of competitors to find out if we had detailed the same thing or not, and even explain what they had included”. Albert Jané also points out another key factor, advice: “sometimes we have a very clear idea about what we want for our home, but it may not fit the characteristics of it”.

“In Aquí tu Reforma we ask the client to explain to us what he wants to achieve with the works and what the use of the house is so that we can help him with the distribution and make proposals”. For us, he concludes, “the perfect reform is the one that exceeds the client’s expectations”.


From being a narrow space hidden from visitors, the kitchen has become a meeting place in many cases. For AMC, the Kitchen Furniture Association, it is “the interactive social centre of the home”. The reforms that aim to “open it to the living room or the terrace have multiplied,” they say. To do this, in many homes it is necessary to move it and make so many changes in the distribution of the house and its facilities that the initial idea of the kitchen is transformed into a comprehensive reform. Planning would be the magic word to succeed in the works.

From AMC they consider very important that “if the kitchen professional is different from the reformer, both are in continuous communication, because if first the reform is made and then the design of the kitchen, we find problems because no changes can be made. Or, if you can, they are very expensive in time and form”. The association recommends “contacting a professional to carry out a personalized project adapted to individual needs”. Their experience and advice “will make us lose less time and optimize costs, since mistakes are minimized”. In addition, it will raise questions about living and consumption habits, including issues such as the movements we make in our gastronomic activity.

The aim is to achieve the distribution and storage space we need to achieve a comfortable kitchen, in which we are effective and efficient.

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