4 kitchens, 4 contemporary styles

Make the kitchen your particular kingdom adapting it to your tastes and family needs. The basic points are: aesthetics, storage capacity and functionality.

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We show you here 4 examples with different styles and colors for you to choose from, we also propose the pieces you need to copy the style of each one.

Kitchen in a front

The touches of color in red and blue add a nice note that pleases the eye.

modern white kitchen with red shelving

With imagination ahead, this mini kitchen offers fun and colorful warehouse solutions. It comes from Ikea.


The minimal expression. When space is scarce in the kitchen, organization 10 is essential to accommodate the basics needed. A drawer module and a wardrobe can never be missing.
Warehouse accessories. To reinforce the small module, wall shelves and a greengrocer were integrated into this environment, also suitable for storing household items.
Against splashes. To avoid cumbersome works and installations, the kitchen wall that coincides with the sink was protected with a small rectangle of tiles.

A kitchen well thought out

The unification of the base, top and sink in Macael marble is very successful.

aqua blue modern kitchen

The combination of color, wood and marble with a hydraulic on the floor is perfect. It is a design by El Corte Inglés.

The English Court

Colored fronts. The powdery aquamarine blue tone triumphs in the lower cabinets of this kitchen. The retro touch is provided by the matte black shell-style handles.
The warm spot. The dynamism of the composition was achieved by breaking the continuity with wooden fronts on the wine racks and the only upper cabinet.
Very clear. The resource used to gain natural light and a feeling of spaciousness was to keep the upper part clear, with a white marble plinth and a simple shelf as a finish.

A kitchen full of life and functional

The cooking zone between two cabinets and with a steel hood lightens the entire front.

blue modern kitchen


Long live the blue. With fronts in an intense sky blue, this kitchen is committed to optimism and daring combinations, in addition to having many storage areas.
Coatings that mark. The geometric design floor in black and white and the high-gloss subway tiles promote contrast in the space.
A touch of wood. So much color and power in the wall tiles were crying out for a bit of calm, which comes from the hand of the wood, in the worktop, and in the furniture that makes up the dining room.

A bright kitchen with good views

When white predominates, the ideal is to opt for accessories in different colors.

glazed white modern kitchen

The commitment to integral white is a success in this kitchen designed by the architect Amaya Pérez Gandarias.


Under the window. The great attraction of this kitchen is its location, attached to a glass wall with a sash window that opens to the living room. The visual amplitude is also multiplied towards the interior of the space.
The bounce of light. As a reinforcement to further enhance natural light, the fronts of the cabinets and drawers were painted off-white, knobs included. Great.
Give the note. A hallway carpet stamped in lime color refreshes the atmosphere; a fantastic touch of color reinforced by cloths and accessories.

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