A spacious and bright kitchen

The interior design studio specialized in comprehensive renovations Con mucho gusto, led by Jessica Zueras, is responsible for the “Before and after” of this modern kitchen. It started from a good space that was able to make the most of it with the new distribution and equipment. These were the successes of this transformation.

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Perfect triangle. The different activities carried out in the kitchen have been distributed in each of the vertices of the “work triangle”, thus the space has been used wonderfully and the surface is very fluid, with enough space to install a dining room for the entire family.

Custom cabinets. One of the needs was to improve the storage space. The furniture was custom made by the Zueras studio and meets those expectations. The upper ones reach the ceiling and the lower ones are provided with large drawers. In order not to waste an inch, the appliances were fitted into this modular system and some of them have also been paneled to maintain aesthetic uniformity.

Glass to the living room. One of the walls that adjoin the living room has been replaced by a translucent glass that lets in natural light in abundance. The white walls also enhance this luminosity, as do the doors that lead to the clothesline, with leaves fitted with acid-etched glass. This resource is very suitable to maintain privacy, without diminishing clarity to the kitchen.


Kitchen before the reform

Ferrer & Mayor

Although this kitchen was in good repair, the paneling and furnishings had become very dated, with small cabinets and old-fashioned tiles. An unattractive and impractical space.


Kitchen with office

Ferrer & Mayor

Super functional, the kitchen has been divided into three well defined areas. A front of cabinets and electrical appliances has been installed on one of the walls, which includes the vitro hob and the extractor hood. In a separate module, the washing and food preparation area with the sink. Finally, a dining room. The central corridor is spacious and comfortable.


White, wood and steel. Three colors that combine very well and give a contemporary air to the space. The “coldness” of the steel of the appliances is tempered by the warmth of the wood. White puts cleanliness, neatness and clarity.

Mosaic floor. The flooring is made of porcelain tiles, by Porcelanosa. The central area has been ornamented with a square of decorated pieces, like a carpet, creating interest and color.

Nordic furniture without handles. The Scandinavian look is very present with its simple and modern lines. The upper cabinets offer a smooth, handle-free surface. In the lower ones, the drawers are slotted so that they can be removed.

Kitchen with office

Ferrer & Mayor

The cabinets combine two different colors and finishes, which provide movement and originality: the upper ones, lacquered in white, and the lower ones imitate wood. The Silestone countertop is the element that unifies both fronts.


Ferrer & Mayor

Always flowers, even if it is a dining room.

A vase of white tulips add delicacy to a table set with decorated glasses and napkins: the fun spark and the necessary point of color.

Kitchen with office

Ferrer & Mayor

A very original idea: The sink cabinet and a top cabinet were placed independently, on another wall in the kitchen. A dining room has also been created, with a table and chairs from La Forma.

Realization: Study With pleasure.

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